Fri Sept 27, 7pm - Sun Sept 29, 5pm

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The premise of BreakThrough 1 is that, as individuals, we are all responsible for our own experience of life. In order to embrace this responsibility we need to focus on the ‘inside job,’ which is thwarted by the belief that others are the cause, and to blame, for our problems.

The 7 Steps process of BreakThrough provides a medium for getting in touch with the deep-seated, limiting beliefs we unconsciously adopt in childhood. These beliefs are the ones that are catalyzed each time we over-react to situations in life. What we learn from this is that others catalyze, rather than cause, the pain inherent in these beliefs. In this way others offer us the opportunity of getting in touch with, and gaining perspective on, the mental rigidities that control us and keep us in victim- and blame-consciousness.

In short, BreakThrough 1 is a system for transforming reactionary living into conscious living.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.


Fueling all conflicts is the unconscious imperative towards self-healing. This means that, at the heart of something we spend our entire lives trying to avoid, there lies the very thing we need to experience. BreakThrough is a gentle and insightful process that puts you in touch with the healing nature of conflict. This is very different to conflict resolution. Instead, you will journey way below the surface of individual conflicts to a place where deep healing can begin. Self-forgiveness is key and all the BreakThrough techniques are strongly oriented around this principle.

The premise of BreakThrough is that our birthright is to live authentically and naturally. But deep-seated, unconscious convictions about who we are distort our experience of life. These disruptive beliefs do not need to be eradicated because they have no truth to them. They simply need to have light shed on them so that they lose their power over us. The BreakThrough techniques are specifically designed to catalyze and facilitate this process.

Everyone can benefit from this process. All that is required is a quantum shift in perspective.


Terryann Nikides has been an intuitive since childhood. As an intuitive she assists in raising consciousness. She has had audience with the Dalai Lama and also with spiritual master Daskalos in Cyprus. In addition, her spiritual journey has taken her to such places as Tibet, China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Isreal, Europe, Turkey, Brazil, and Mexico.

Presently she teaches BreakThrough internationally and  practices BreakThrough and  Bodytalk  in Montreal. She holds a BA Psych., CMT, Reiki Master, SrCBI, BrI, CBP, and Parama BP. She also give courses in Tarot. 


Our classes are residential in nature — we are happy to offer a unique educational experience that allows us all to deeply immerse, spend time together, and on our own. For this course, class registration must go through the BodyTalk website, and accommodations registration is through Succurro. Participants are responsible for travel to and from Succurro, and we will help with carpooling connections and pick up from the bus as best we can. SEE BELOW FOR REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Class Registration: $650 (Early bird by August 27 — $700 thereafter)

  • Accommodations: $250 (Includes meals and housing for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night)

  • Optional BreakThrough Practical: $200 (will be Monday, 9-5)

Scholarships + Payment Plans

As this course runs through the International BodyTalk System, there are no scholarships or payment plants for this course at this time.

Accommodations + FOOD

Accommodations are rustic but comfortable, and communal in nature. 4 raised platform tents house up to 12 people, and include beds, sitting area, clothes storage, and beautiful views! There is a shared compost toilet and fire pit. Shower facilities are in the main house. If you prefer to stay in the house, there are limited beds available in a dorm style room with bathroom, or a few private rooms for an additional cost. Please include any accessibility information we need to know at application, so that we can accommodate as best we can. 

Food will be provided from local farms and includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Please be sure to include any dietary restrictions in your registration.

Class Schedule

Friday, 7 - 9pm - Introductory presentation (after dinner)

Saturday/Sunday, 9am - 5pm — Class

OPTIONAL: Monday, 9am - 5pm — BreakThrough Practical (deeper immersion with the Steps)

Students can arrive any time on Friday between 1-5pm, and depart on Sunday evening — or they are welcome to stay the night and leave Monday morning. This cost is included in the accommodations fee.


Getting to and from Succurro is the responsibility of participants. Car is the best form of transportation, and we will help coordinate carpooling as best we can. Though there are no direct trains to the Western Catskills area, there are daily buses to Delhi (15 minutes from Succurro) via Adirondack Trailways. We will do our best to accommodate pick up/drop off to the bus stop.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation for class must be done through the IBA. Accommodations cancellations are done through Succurro: Full refunds, less a $50 deposit, will be granted up to one month prior; 50% refunds will be granted up to two weeks prior; no refunds within the two weeks leading up to arrival. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! 


Please read the instructions carefully!

Be sure to check the Cancellation Policy above, as we strictly adhere to it.


This course is run through the International BodyTalk Association, therefore students must register through the IBA for class, and then register for accommodations through Succurro.

  1. Register for class here. Create a new student account if you have never taken an IBA course.

  2. Fill out the form below regarding accommodations. Accommodations payments will only be taken by PayPal for this course. You will be redirected to PayPal to submit $250 — registration is only considered complete after we have received payment.

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Included in cost are the option of a bed in a 'glamping' style platform tent OR a twin bed (bunk beds) in a dorm style room w/ shared bath. First come first serve. For an additional fee you can have a private room, with bath shared among the private room guests.
Bus? Car? If car, please let us know if you're willing to carpool?