We have a lot of

unlearning to do.

To fully shift toward an equitable wellness system for all, we have a lot of unlearning to do. Unlearning our conditioning may be one of the most challenging yet joyful, healing, and liberating practices we can embark on. This practice is ongoing and ever-changing; it looks different for each of us at different times; it requires commitment from the individual and a willingness to be amidst the mirror of the collective and hold one another up.

Succurro offers opportunities for this empowerment in a supportive environment, that are flexible in time/cost, and encourage health, community, creativity, and communication. If you are interested in leading or sharing an opportunity, please see below for links to apply. 


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Workshops / Events

Throughout the year, Succurro hosts workshops and events lead by individuals or groups that focus in areas of our humanity, and regenerating relationships to ourselves, one another, and our Home. Some will be weekend-long, or a one night event. Workshops and events take place at Succurro and include meals, accommodations, and any necessary materials. Cost of attendance ranges, and are available on a sliding scale. 



Every human is a healer in their own right; we are simultaneously microscopic specks in a vast universe, with the capacity to play a unique role in human evolution while we occupy the material plane. Trainings are hosted in various modalities, serving those who wish to take on an education in working with others professionally, or for care of self, family, friends, and community.  





As one way of making information accessible, our website and social media will act as a resource for others to share, learn and be engaged in critical dialogue. In addition, we plan to conduct ongoing research on the effects of self-inquiry, energy work, and mind-body practices to aid in a larger movement toward accepting alternative/traditional healthcare (particularly energy medicine) as a respected part of a medical system that serves the whole humanity. This will unfold over time, and engage others in carrying out projects to be shared on this platform.

Visit the RESEARCH page to discover more.

Have a collaboration or research project to share or propose? Let us know!