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Unlearning our conditioning may be one of the most challenging yet joyful, healing, and liberating practices we can embark on. This practice is ongoing and ever-changing; it looks different for each of us at different times; and it requires commitment from the individual.

Succurro offers opportunities for this unlearning and to empower ourselves with knowledge to take health into our own hands. Trainings, workshops, and events aim to encourage dialogue, community engagement, and creativity — as well as fundamental understandings of how our bodies work, the power of our minds, the depths of our spirit, and relationship to our environment. If you are interested in leading or sharing an opportunity, please see below for information. 


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Throughout the year, Succurro hosts learning opportunities lead by individuals or groups that focus in areas of our humanity, and regenerating our ability to heal ourselves and communities. Below we describe the differences between each, and any upcoming offerings.


These are shorter in nature, more informal, and not intended as vocational. Topics vary greatly and engage a broad audience. They take place at Succurro and include meals, accommodations, and any necessary materials. Cost of attendance ranges, and there are usually scholarships available. You can view this years Lead Learners or reach out if you have something you’d like to offering.  



Every human is a healer in their own right, and we have the power to heal ourselves. Trainings offer opportunities for individuals who wish to learn specific modalities either for themselves and immediate community, or who are currently — aiming to become — practitioners vocationally. Succurro hosts trainings in the modalities practiced here, or we rent to individuals and groups seeking space to host trainings and programs.  







Succurro creates opportunities and tools for health in more ways than education or personal sessions. Our website, newsletter and social media act as a collection of resources for sharing and learning. Part of this sharing is also what we are researching — through our offerings, we continue to observe the effects of self-inquiry, energy work, and mind-body practices in a larger movement toward a health system that serves the whole human.

Visit the RESEARCH or RESOURCES page to discover more.

Have a collaboration or research project to share or propose? Let us know!