fellō (noun)

are responsible for

  1. One of many in pursuit of asking questions;

  2. Attends to their own to serve the whole;

  3. Shares what they find & asks further questions.

The Fellowship is an experimental research program observing the dynamic relationships between creativity, connection, and collective transformation. 

As part of a larger commitment to research, collaboration, and supporting creativity, the program brings together individuals thinking critically and willing to prioritize + commit to their own healing in order to meaningfully engage the collective. As a platform for exploration of the vast importance of our innate creative energy as a tool for inquiry, the group asks questions over a nine month period that seek to support individual, collective, and environment: How does this internal work reflect externally? How does that feed back into humanity as a whole, in turn nourishing the individual? What discomforts do we need to face in order to consistently respond and creatively act toward a world we want to exist?

Below are biographies for the 2018-2019 Fellows - click on their names to view their individual research and projects to follow along or get involved. 


zaida adriana goveo balmaseda 

Zaida is an artist/meditator/artisan interested in the alchemical quality of handicrafts, the versatility of fiber, and the stories that they tell us. Through these, she studies, represents, and honors the symbiotic relationship we can have with our materials, what we create, what we eat, ourselves, and our environment. Her exploration is often rooted in traditional artisanal techniques to which she has a cultural or familial connection; and it develops through experiments with organic, recycled or gathered fibers, the rituals and movements of conscious and meditative creation, and our perception-of and relationship-to time. Highlighting the magic of the process, the journey, the energy invested in transforming humble matter into rich textile topographies. Zaida Adriana’s practice is intense (internally and externally), manual, and slow. Her installations serve as sacred spaces where soft sculpture, material rescue, cultural research, audiovisual documentation, meditation, contemplative movement, ceremony, and performance converge.

As a Fellow, Zaida will focus on sermoverhacertejerrespirarsolxsjuntxs, a project that researches the relationship between CREATION (material / technique / process), STATES OF BEING (mental, spiritual, emotional), and MOVEMENT (external manifestation of the internal, or vice versa?).

Contact: Website // @zaidibirin


dawn breeze

Dawn Breeze is a creativity advocate, change agent, and internationally awarded artist, living and working in Germantown, NY. She consults on creativity and leadership with global organizations and progressive institutions, as well as with individual entrepreneurs and leaders. Breeze is committed to building community through creativity. Her social projects include: Instar Lodge, the non-for-profit arts project space she founded and currently directs, Wayfinding: Imaging History with (Our)story, a mapping odyssey at Olana State Historic Site, and her creativity curriculum Creativity + Courage™ which she leads as participatory workshops throughout New England for institutions, corporations, and recovery programs.

During her time as a Fellow, Dawn will continue her research work through Creativity + Courage, creating A Field Guide to Becoming - a hybrid Self-Help book that weaves poetic prose, essay and “how-to”  illustrating the relationship between creativity and courage, demonstrating creativity as innate and humankind's greatest natural resource. This development will come through a re-prioritization of her own creative energy, while continuing her work with others.


Contact: Website // @dawnbreezeart


Alex W. Crowder

Alex is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist, florist, and creator of space for conversation. As a florist, and within her activism, she has witnessed plenty of talk on 'sustainability.' Through her own practice, gratitude has inspired responsibility. During her time as a Fellow she will examine many questions: How can I seek relationships with fellow human beings, as equals, in order to bear in common the difficulty and beauty of existence? And how am I to also seek out this relationship with the earth? How I might build that relationship between the earth and myself and also between myself and my neighbors?


Contact: Website // @alexcrowder


Alex Goldberg

Alex is a New York based artist, designer, and educator. Her practice is focused on the ideology that artistic process can parallel human behaviors and that the act of creating and viewing art may teach one about themselves and others. Alex is interested in how material play in her work can heighten the viewer’s perception and activate their imagination. 

During her time as a Fellow, Alex will work to create The Agency Project - a process developed from a personal need for a form of healing. The human mind and experience is complex and infinitely individual, which in turn means that our wounds are just as unique and require our own attention to heal. The nature of modernity creates systems and patterns; sometimes to a fault. This project is about returning to an individuated humanity. Using conceptual methodologies developed to study and create the human interior space, as well as personal case studies through her creative process, Alex aims to create a method that facilitates self-awareness, transformation, and self-acceptance to positively influence individuals and communities.


Contact: Website // @alexgoldberstudio


Elissa Osterland

Elissa Osterland is a Chicago-based artist currently exploring collective experience, ritual, and human perception through her work with traditional methods of sourcing and firing clay.

During her time as a Fellow, Elissa will be conducting a three part public program through clay and the wood fire process -- an inherently communal experience. This will culminate in a group exhibition of the work. 


Contact: Website  //  @elissaosterland



Nica Rabinowitz

Nica is an artist and educator working at the intersection of biological design, social justice, farming and textile creation – exploring handcraft from farm to fabric and from soil to soil.

During the time as a Fellow, Nica will continue her work with Fiberhouse Collective - a project that facilitates and organizes accessible hands-on workshops,  and learning experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds and aptitudes. The collective is researching closed-loop systems of production and decomposition of textiles; creating cloth that heals. The ongoing research is published in a workbook series.


Contact: Website // @fiberhousecollective

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.28.03 PM.png

Genevieve Rainsberger

Genevieve is a conceptual designer and idealist. Through the pursuit of pleasure and beauty - she seeks to incite positive shifts in the realms of food and design. As founder of Etvernal, an interdisciplinary studio, she offers business development, creative content and programming that explores unconventional ways to support solvent and sustainable endeavors.

During her time as a Fellow, Genevieve will be working to develop a community space inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s “I Seem to be a Verb” which will offer a creative platform for artisans and entrepreneurs.


Contact: Website // @theartofsunday

Linh portrait.jpg

Linh MY Truong

Linh is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working with video, textiles, and ceramics. Through her exploration of the Japanese marbling art of suminagashi and the slow process art of weaving and embroidery, she finds a place between chaos theory and an ordered universe, fragmentation and identity, detachment and control.

During her time as a Fellow, Linh will explore a project entitled 'Suminagashi Dreams of You' - an immersive visual + sound installation as contemplative space driven by the flowing imagery of suminagashi. 
Contact: Website // @linhervision