fellō (noun)

responsible for

  1. One of many in pursuit of asking questions;

  2. Attends to their own to serve the whole;

  3. Shares what they find & asks further questions.

The Fellowship is an experimental program observing the dynamic relationships between health, creativity, connection, and collective transformation. 

As part of a larger commitment to research, collaboration, and supporting creativity, the program brings together individuals thinking critically and willing to prioritize + commit to their own healing in order to meaningfully engage the collective. As a platform for exploration of health, and the vast importance of our innate creative energy as a tool for inquiry, the group asks questions over an 11-month period that seek to support individual, collective, and environment: How does this internal work reflect externally? How does that feed back into humanity as a whole, in turn nourishing the individual? What discomforts do we need to face in order to consistently respond and creatively act toward a world we want to exist?

Each year the Fellowship culminates in our annual FESTIVAL — a weekend for the public to engage directly with this work, and celebrating our humanity. FESTIVAL 2020 will take place July 17-19.

2019-2020 FELLOWS

Photo credit: Anaka

Photo credit: Anaka


My name is Chelsea, I was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Islington, North London. I returned to Brooklyn in 2018 looking for a new experience, to reconnect with my place of birth, and to further my creative work and practice. I am the designer of my own clothing line under my name, Chelsea Bravo, which explores the idea of taking art from being something we objectively experience outside of ourselves to something we can experience personally and tangibly through clothing. My work offers people the opportunity to wear and move in tangible pieces of art and serves as a place for me to express myself; to share my ideas, my voice and my story, which I feel I’ve yet to tap into fully. I came to SUCCURRO to further explore myself as a human being and as an artist through the work of self-analysis, awareness, and energy healing with myself and in community with others. During my time as a Fellow I intend on identifying and uprooting that which may be holding me back, both personally and creatively, so that I may move forward in health and wholeness, fully embodying all that I am, with the ability to experience and live out my full potential in a greater way.

Contact: Website // @chelseabravo_



Eliot is a Brooklyn-based urban planner and housing justice activist. They work as a Project Manager for West End Residences, where they oversee the development of the West End's True Colors housing projects - affordable, supportive housing with on-site social services for homeless LGBTQ youth. Eliot holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning from Hunter College at the City University of New York and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Delaware. Outside of their work in housing, Eliot is also a backyard gardener, an avid fermenter, an aspiring herbalist, and an ardent Iyengar yoga practitioner. They identify as queer, trans and non-binary.

As a Fellow, Eliot plans to explore possibilities for housing and collective living spaces that facilitate healing and liberation for queer and trans people. Their project is simultaneously abstract - imagining limitless possibilities for human co-habitation outside of the hetero-normative nuclear family - as well as grounded in the realities of space and place in the 21st century, specifically considering issues such as racialized displacement and gentrification, capitalism and the financialization of land, and growing wealth inequality. Additionally, Eliot hopes to devote time during the Fellowship to writing reflections on their own experiences around gender, transitioning, race, place, collective living, family, bodies, and queerness.

Contact: eghetterly@gmail.com

Isabella Amstrup .jpg


Isabella Amstrup is an interdisciplinary artist, handweaver, and student of life. Her creative practice is one of being, listening, showing up more honestly, and choosing awareness over fear. The practice extends through learning to embrace and trust the flow of expression through many forms: cooking, writing, drawing, painting, weaving, walking, dancing, and conversation.

During her time as a Fellow Isabella will be working on Waterbody, a project that seeks to honor the unique path and creative expression of the individual as an integral part of the animating whole. This will manifest in the form of a virtual sandbox. A space to release and transmute the old paradigm by envisioning a regenerative reality through inner explorations and creative findings. These investigations will be both individual and collaborative, shared with the intention of building a community committed to honest expression and interbeing along the way.

Contact: Website // @isabella.amstrup



Lauren is a Brooklyn-based naturopathic doctor, clinical herbalist, and educator. Her practice weaves traditional knowledge with evidence-based medicine to offer a modern approach to holistic healthcare. Find her at the intersection of neuroendocrine immunology and plant spirit medicine, sky and earth, city and land. These dualities are not in opposition, but rather in service to one another.

During her time as a Fellow, Lauren will work with her personal relationship to creativity, infusing it into her healing practice to create Umbel Health, a space where medicine is an art practice and creativity a mechanism for healing. Patients are educated about their bodies and offered minimally-invasive tools to address pathology and shift toward their natural state of homeostasis. Most importantly, they are given a space to be heard and a means to return to nature. Umbel Health provides a platform that honors individual, collective, and environmental health.

Contact: Website // @umbel_health



lou is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the process of expression thru embodiment. their practice investigates deep-rooted human impulses, the ways in which we communicate ideas and how we experience realities. common themes in this work are interconnectedness, symbols, nature, archetypes, creatures, ornamentation, and emotion. their creative and spiritual practices are interwoven, the creative flow always beginning in a place of self-inquiry with an aim to heal, tickle, or celebrate. they explore the same focus across many mediums, to bring clarity to its essence. lou is based in brooklyn, ny.

Contact: Website  //  @fuzzydewdrop




Maggie is an artist, student and educator who hums while she works. For the last 9 years she has worked as an urban gardener in NYC public parks and private spaces. Maggie's passion for developing a 'sense of place' has led her to teach fellow New Yorkers how to manage their outdoor spaces in order to cultivate confidence to tend to the land through her company Spring for Ceres.

During her time as a fellow she will continue to explore how one can live in an urban environment and be of, in and one with nature.

Contact: Website // @instamaggz



Rahel is a scent storyteller and etheric wave rider who is drawn to and moved by the subtle energy of the unknown. Their work centers around how beings connect across energetic realms and the stories that are shared through connecting. Quite often, Rahel is moved by the elements — a change in the winds, phases of the moon, and their own emotions when working. The use of scent to assist in sharing how these elements move her is both a physical and emotional manifestation of the story. In her work, Rahel delves into the ether, and therefore stories that are shared may not be her own, but that of ancestors and other spirits she encounters along the way. Her creations transcend space and time — recognizing that there are moments she may be in the past, present, or future. Her work serves as a space for individuals to honor where one may be in any given moment, allowing space to explore freely.

During her time as a fellow, Rahel will explore what it means to be rooted in the in-between spaces (the thin lines), how to communicate with who and what she may connect with on these pathways, and most importantly, how to use the navigation of these pathways as a blueprint for healing.

Contact: Website coming soon // @blkncomely



Rebeccah is an artist. Her current work delves into the divine feminine through mythic, folk, and visual traditions of ancient and indigenous cultures. Rebeccah works with ritual and ceremony to cultivate embodiment and healing on spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental planes. She is a Master of Theological Studies candidate at the Harvard Divinity School, where she yokes together her research on representations of female divinity, her art practice, and her commitment to alternative healing modalities. Coming from a multicultural background, she leans into her embodied intersectionality as a guide for navigating over, under, around, into, and through borders of all kinds.

During her time as a Fellow, Rebeccah will chew over folktales from different traditions with an eye towards unearthing the wisdom and roadmaps for personal development, growth, and healing encoded within story, producing artwork and creating ritual that seek to activate a person's innate capacity for healing and growth.
Contact: @r.ebeccah



Tatiana is a scent designer and aromatherapist born in Bogotá, Colombia and based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2014 she founded Olear, an olfactory studio creating botanical scents and aromatic experiences in response to memory, place, and affective possibilities. In her work she explores how scent is expressed through language, the emotions smells evoke, and the healing potential of aromatic plants.

She was drawn to two healing modalities during significant moments of transition. Aromatherapy became her main support in experiencing the death of her father, and also a way in which to connect to a moment through scent. Her exposure to SourcePoint occurred a few years before her mother’s passing, and since has become a modality that has supported her in her journey of processing and connecting to grief.

In her time as a Fellow, she wishes to bridge aromatherapy and SourcePoint in her continued exploration of grief and its waves, to delve deeper in the energies passed on through maternal lineage and the healing that needs to happen there, as well as to map everything that emerges in this process.

Contact: Website // @aiaa_oo_eau @olear_scents



Victoria is a Boston based improvisational dancer, surfer and pattern maker by trade. Currently her creative practice explores connecting ourselves to our environment through mindfulness techniques in order to navigate the human experience. 

During her time as a Fellow, Victoria will be documenting an exploration of rituals meant for healing through her work in quilting and in movement. She seeks to address how we navigate the world of grief, how can we hold space for ourselves and others to process discomfort and how we eventually find ourselves again, stronger. This work will culminate in a group exhibition of work.

Contact: vsmolinski3@gmail.com // @_victoriashley



zaybra is a performance artist, lighting designer and dancer, who explores physical expression while generating cathartic movement experiences and bodily poetics. zaybra grew up in Bovina, NY and has since lived in NYC with a focus on creating performances and cultivating a physical vocabulary. In this role, zaybra has had the pleasure of performing at MoMA PS1, Judson Church, Center for Performance Research and Knockdown Center. zaybra is a member of the Bessie-Award winning company Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks and is thrilled to be in collaboration with friend and choreographer, Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone. 

zaybra feels truly blest to be a Fellow at Succurro and will be leaning into personal healing through the modalities and resources offered. This is a huge opportunity to strip away layers of impositions, to get to know authentic parts of oneself. It is through this healing and discovery that zaybra wishes to develop a movement session to be guided with verbal prompts and pre recorded sounds to create an environment that will encourage participants to dive deep within their physical being. It will create space for people to explore the inherent movement in their bodies and to honor physical impulses.

Contact: zaybratonic@gmail.com


2018-2019 FELLOWS