2018-2019 Fellowship Applications are due July 15, 2018. Interviews will be held August 1-15, and acceptances announced by August 30. The program will run from October 2018 - June 2019. 

Please fill out the application in full, and submit additional application materials to hello@succurro.co on the same day as your application. Feel free to CONTACT US with any questions regarding the program or application. 


Name *
This helps to determine the best times of day for group meetings.
Phone *
This section is about your current engagement with self-inquiry and healing, what you seek to gain from a program like the Succurro Fellowship, and how you wish to contribute. In general, please limit responses to between 200-300 words.
If you don't consider yourself to have an active practice right now, what activities do you most enjoy? Where you do you find creative inspiration?
The year long Fellowship is rooted in examining individual and collective healing and transformation through a set of proposed projects by applicants. This section focuses on your proposed project, which can be in-progress and ongoing, or just beginning and finite. Scope, subject matter, means of expression can vary and we seek a diverse group of Fellows willing to be actively engaged with, and learning from, themselves and the group.
This can change, or you may never use an official 'title', but for the sake of clarity it is a useful exercise to name what you plan to accomplish.
Please limit to 300 words.
Again, this can change - but please offer your current vision with as much specificity as possible.
Please be as specific as possible; it's expected this will change with time, but entering with clarity will be helpful to the individual, practitioner, and group. What actions will you take? What is the rough timeline?
What additional materials will you be submitting? *
This is required, so that Fellows are entering with as clear an idea as possible to work from as a starting point. This could be related to how you'll carry out the project, or what it will be. Please submit all additional materials to hello@succurro.co within the same day as your application.