1.    Friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests.

  2.   A group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.

  3.    A company of equals.

The Fellowship is an experimental research program observing the dynamic relationships between health, creativity, connection, and collective transformation. 

As part of a larger commitment to research, collaboration, and supporting creativity, the Fellowship brings together individuals thinking critically and willing to prioritize + commit to their own healing in order to meaningfully engage the collective. The program is a platform for exploration of the vast importance of our innate creative energy as a tool for inquiry and healing, and learning specific tools to access a space of inspiration in order to then share and engage with others. In this sense, the program is equal parts think-tank, residency, and education. How does our internal work reflect externally? How does that feed back into humanity as a whole, in turn nourishing the individual? What happens when we directly access the space from which inspiration arises from, to consistently respond and creatively act toward a world we want to exist?

By accepting Fellowship, members actively engage with themselves and each other through a specifically proposed project, for (9) months. The program is intended to support individuals who wish to examine their relationship with creative energy, and engage others in this process as well. Therefore, the program has no monetary cost, but is in exchange for active participation, documentation & public sharing of projects. Each Fellow receives monthly individual remote sessions, project matrix sessions, a remote group call per month, and participates in several retreat weekends at Succurro. The program culminates in a public event at Succurro during the summer months that encapsulates and shares the experience as a cohort. Together, we are best able to express the transformative effects of truly caring for ourselves, and being fully present with others, as we lovingly listen, critically discuss, and creatively act on what blocks us individually and collectively from prioritizing our humanity on a transpersonal level.

INFO SESSION: We recorded a live Info Session on June 6 - you can download it here!


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The Fellowship is an 11-month program that engages individuals working to explore the embodiment of our individual roles and use of creative energy within the larger complex human dynamic. In exchange, Fellows actively gather information, research, and collective output. Below are the various components of the program that can be viewed as ‘payment’ — this is the exchange for the vast amount of work that Fellows receive. Before applying, please be sure you can commit to participating in the following components — and if you have questions on any of them, just ask!



The success of the program lies in the commitment to prioritizing work on self and how we each show up to the group, however we are. This inherently will be challenging at times, and is part of an on-going journey to use discomfort, pain, joy, and connection as moments for transformation. The focus on a specific project offers a creative limitation, that may be both stimulating and frustrating. The more committed we are to the process, the more stable we remain in accepting life as ever-changing.

The Fellowship aims to bring together a group of individuals who commit to using their creative energy toward co-creating the world we wish to live in and examining what it means to be human. Projects can vary in scope, subject, way of expression -- but the year will revolve around these specific projects and their manifestation. See below for more specific requirements. 


 Fellows are expected to commit to incorporating tools learned from Succurro into a daily routine, as well as document their process along the way, sharing feedback with facilitators and the group as the program goes along. Fellows are each expected to maintain a personal page on the Succurro website that specifically relates to the creative work they are undertaking during this time and the project they intend to share for the Summer Gathering; they are also expected to contribute the Research journal each month discussing the program itself, tracking their own healing process.


One third of the program is based in individual sessions, which will support other work you do for yourself daily. Fellows engage in at least (14) healing sessions, and (6) project matrix sessions that focus on the elements of the project itself as it's own entity.

Sessions are rooted in consciousness-based energy work to engage and support the creative vital life force energy, and the use of astrology and the natal chart as a therapeutic tool. Other self-inquiry tools are used as the program progresses, individually and as a group. Fellows are encouraged to be open and honest about current experiences in mind, body, and spirit, however there is no pressure to share more information than the individual is willing. This is not talk-therapy, nor is it diagnostic or prognostic. 

Please read about our APPROACH for more specific information.



Each month, there will be (1) group gathering that takes place over Zoom. These gatherings bring all Fellows together to go through a ‘curriculum’ based in the work Succurro does that we intend to push our boundaries of what creativity means. Individuals are encouraged to get together with other Fellows throughout the time, outside of these group meetings. See below for all group meeting dates. 



There will be (3) weekend-long retreats at Succurro farm in East Meredith, NY. All Fellows are expected to participate in each. Accommodations are rustic, but comfortable. Fellows will be responsible for travel costs, but we will arrange pick up at local bus, train, or airport locations and aid in car-pooling. Fellows will each contribute food to be cooked communally. See below for dates. 


This is the culmination of the program, allowing the public to engage with the work of each Fellow in a meaningful weekend-long event that allows all participants to embody their own creativity and healing as facilitated by the cohort of Fellows. This will typically take place in July after the program finishes.


The Fellowship is an exchange of therapeutic work and facilitation for an active gathering of information, research, and collective output. Each Fellow commits to their sessions and gatherings, while also providing monthly project content and progress, creating an evolving online space for resources and interaction with a larger and larger audience. In this way, Fellows are also participating qualitative research at Succurro. Fellows must be willing to commit to this full year program; this is an intensive period of time, and we expect participants to prioritize their participation by showing up for every session, group gathering, the final Succurro Gathering, and create monthly content connecting the work of the program with changes they see in their lives, health, and practice. Please review the dates below, and be sure you can commit to these before applying.



We seek creative project proposals that examine our humanity and aim to address the ways in which we interact with one another and the environment. 'Creative' is defined here as broadly as possible -- simply utilizing vital life force energy, combined with a healthy relationship to intellect and ego, to manifest. What are you passionate about, and can go into depth with? What are you committed to making real? 

Proposals can be for projects that are already in progress; perhaps this is just the next developmental phase or support and feedback would be helpful. Or projects can be inklings, ready to be put into action. We encourage proposals that address public engagement and sharing of creative energy, but review proposals for all forms of creative and critical engagement. 

Inherently, your project may change over the course of a year,  but application proposals should have clarity in the following:

  • Inquiry: What issue(s) most concern you? What question do you seek to answer?

  • Actions: How do you plan to ask this question? What angles will you observe from? What actions will you take?

  • Outcomes: What outcome do you hope to have? How and who will this impact? How will you document and share it?



Documentation is considered the creative output of individual projects. This documentation, in whatever form it takes for each Fellow, is what will be shared through the Succurro website, social media, and publications throughout the year and beyond. Succurro claims no ownership over the work, but reserves the right to share what is willingly provided by Fellows. 



For transparency, it is important to note that this program is a part of a larger plan to conduct research on the affects of self-inquiry, energy work, mind/body practices, and potentially new forms of creative therapy. Fellows are a part of that research by providing ongoing case-study information on their own journey. How this information is documented, used, or shared will always be discussed with participants for feedback and permission. 

In another sense, Fellowship manifestations from projects to be collected and shared digitally also act as research for the collective commons: by sharing your journey from your perspective, as well as project progress, a public audience is able to learn from, be inspired by, and potentially involved in what each individual puts forth. 



Individual sessions will preferably take place over Zoom, but can be over the telephone if needed. Group meetings will take place over Zoom, which is free to use, but access to a computer or phone is needed to participate. Documentation is flexible and we will do our best to support submission and sharing of all forms of documentation. For in-person gatherings at the farm, there are options of private and shared, as well as accessible, accommodations. Fellows are responsible for travel to and from Succurro, though we will do our best to aid in car-pooling.


Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions regarding the program or application.  The application for 2021 will open in April 2020.

INFO SESSION: We recorded a live Info Session on June 6, 2019 - you can download it here!

2021 Application Dates:

  • Info Session - TBA

  • Applications Due - TBA

  • Interviews - TBA

  • Acceptance Notification - TBA

  • General Program - TBA


2020 Program Date Summary: 

  • Orientation Group Call (mandatory) - August 26, 2019

  • Individual Sessions Start - after September 2, 2019

  • Fall Weekend Retreat (mandatory) - September 6 - 8, 2019

  • Winter Weekend Retreat (mandatory) - January 10 - 12, 2020

  • Spring Weekend Retreat (mandatory) - May 1 - 3, 2020

  • Summer Festival (mandatory) - July 17-19, 2020

  • Group Meeting Dates: TBD

  • Individual Sessions End - June 30, 2020



For our current Fellowship cohort, please click below to access a private page for resources, forms, contact info, and more.