— Everything emerges from the single point —

— From the single point, emerges line; from line emerges pattern —

— In pattern we experience life in Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. 

The 2019 Festival will take place July 19-21 -- a weekend for investigation and celebration; coming together to honor and rediscover artist as healer and healer as artist. Over 48 hours, Succurro Fellows will take the lead sharing the work they have uncovered over the past year through their dedication to personal and collective health and wellbeing. As artists of many kinds, they bring forth opportunities to engage in critical questions, the resources of our hands and bodies, the connections between the material and non-material. The effects ripple out; together we enter the field of information that connects us through time and space. 


The Fellowship program has no monetary exchange, but does require serious commitment and work from Succurro facilitators and the Fellows. Thanks to our incredible community, we have raised the funds to host this event through Kickstarter! This means we can open this event on a pay-as-you-can basis, and welcome all who want to be here — please consider carefully what you are able to contribute for the weekend, which includes all food and a lot of labor from those putting on the event.

Ticket options are by type of accommodation — if you are bringing your own tent, or if you will need to stay in a Succurro tent. There are only a few spaces left in Succurro tents, so only select this if you do not have access to bring your own or borrow from another. Day passes are for Saturday only, and include all meals for the day; day pass folks can stay the night, but must bring their own tent.

Thanks for your support — we are at full capacity for the Festival this year!



We welcome participants into the unknown. Events and schedule will be revealed upon arrival; participants will be able to float freely as they see fit, following their own path within the structure. This will be a holistic event in that there are places for movement and healing, activities for learning or retreat, and nourishment for ourselves and the group.

Friday, July 19 — Arrivals after 1pm; set up of camping spaces; snacks available; dinner at 7:30pm

Saturday, July 20 — Morning movement at 7am; Breakfast available 8-10am; Full day of events; Meal of the Senses at 7pm

Sunday, July 21 — Coffee/tea available 8am; Morning movement 9am; Brunch 10-1pm; departures


Meals will be shared together in support of creating a sustaining experience for all. When you arrive you’ll be given a simple task to help take part in this nourishment. Two breakfasts, one lunches, and two dinners will be provided over the weekend, sourced from neighboring farms with the help of local chefs. There will be vegan and gluten-free options for every meal. Saturday night will be a collaboration between Genevieve Rainsberger and Joint Venture.


This is a fully outdoor event! Bring your camping gear. Based on ticket selection, participants will set up camp in a desired location — in the woods, by the stream, in an open field. There are four raised platform canvas tents available, as well. There is a compost toilet available, as well as a few bathrooms in the main house. There are no showers for this weekend, but feel free to bring your suit (birthday or otherwise) and find a spot along the stream. Participants will be sent a packing list prior to arrival to aid in preparation.


Participants are responsible for their travel to and from Succurro, though we will do our best to aid in carpooling communication and bus pick up! Car is easiest - there is parking on site. There is no train to the Western Catskills, but bus via Adirondack Trailways to Delhi, NY does the trick! There are daily buses to and from NYC.

Questions? Let us know! Email