There is no cell-phone service here! The house has strong wifi, but we do recommend allowing space from internet connection. The best way to reach us prior to arrival is by email or our house phone listed below - which you are also welcome to share with others for any emergency purposes.

1496 County Highway 12, East Meredith, NY 13757 // (607) 538-5120



We’re so excited for you to be here for our first annual Festival.

The weekend is about honoring artist as healer and healer as artist, these roles within each of us, and the innate creative capacity held within our humanity.

The weekend is led by the Fellows — 8 wonderful people, who have committed to their own healing through Succurro over the past 9 months. They have individually and collectively investigated creative energy — not as a thing, but as a sacred space to enter within themselves — to allow their own creative flow be an indicator of personal health, and put it to use for collective health.


  • to get lost

  • to submit to their senses

  • to be present in their body

  • to be curious, to question

  • to help, to be helped

  • to release projections, expectations, assumptions

  • to observe, to be aware

  • to be quiet, to be loud

  • to be alone, to be together

  • to acknowledge their creative energy

  • to honor their inherent vulnerability

  • to trust the seen/unseen forces and structures that support us

  • to Be in the unknown


A reminder that Succurro is a burgeoning homestead that provides opportunities for healing and creativity — this is our home that we wish to share with others, so it feels communal in nature. Some areas are under construction or off limits and will be noted for your safety. There are 110 acres to explore respectfully, with a mix of woods and open fields, and a stream to sit by. We have 5 goats (+ 4 kid goats!), 27 chickens, and 1 dog. They are close to the house - so you will hear, see, and smell them at times!

Please see the “Things to keep in mind” section for some more details!


If you are coming by car: we recommend loading your GPS early on in the trip and leaving it on until you arrive — reception is very spotty for loading maps.

If you are coming by bus: visit Adirondack Trailways, and search for arrivals to Delhi, NY. Once we have everyone's travel information, we will arrange pick up at the bus stop. There is a daily bus from NYC at 9:15am, which gets in at 1:45pm, which is our recommendation. You MUST PRINT YOUR TICKET, they do not accept digital tickets and are strict about this.


When you arrive, you’ll go straight to the Info Table for check-in to get directed to accommodations. Please pay attention to signs posted for parking, but we will guide as well.

At this point you will also be able to sign up for activities on Saturday that require it (sessions, foraging walk, etc)


This is a camping weekend in a beautiful setting! This is a rural part of the Western Catskill Mountains, with plenty of wildlife including eagles, bears, coyote, and non-venomous snakes. This is not to scare anyone, just to be alert and careful while camping! There are several camp sites cleared to setup in, that are nestled in between the house and the Succurro canvas tents. For those who want to go off the beaten-track, you’re welcome to explore and set up where it feels good for you.


There is an outhouse at the top of the hill, a portable toilet near the house/activities, and a bathroom on the ground floor of the house. You are always welcome to, and we encourage you to utilize the woods as well. There are no showers for the weekend, but running water is available for rinsing and brushing teeth, as well as a stream to dip in.


Below is a list of things that we don’t want you to forget! This is a camping weekend, so their are no showers, but there is running water outdoors close to the house, as well as a beautiful stream to dip in. The forecast is quite hot for the general region this weekend, but we hope being in the mountains will keep us all a bit cooler.

If you are staying in a Succurro tent — all bedding is provided.

If you are bringing your own camping gear, we recommend the typical things — tent w/ fly, sleeping bag, lightweight sheet/blanket, pillow, lantern/flashlight.


- footwear that you don’t care too much about getting muddy/wet

- layers — it will be quite warm this weekend, so packing light items as much as possible

- raingear (optional, it should be pretty clear)

- hat

- bathing suit if you feel like getting in the stream

- water bottle for carrying around with you

- flashlight/headlamp if you have it (we have a hand full, as needed)

- specific bug spray or sunscreen if you have sensitivity to generic brands

- tooth paste and any comforting toiletries

- journal, camera, anything that aids your own process


- we have a goat buck (he’s tan w/ horns), they do not like to cuddle! he is friendly and will not harm anyone, but please stay back. you are welcome to feed/hang out with the female goats.

- no food in any tents as a safety precaution!

- you will find water coolers in a few locations, especially at the cantina and info table.

- the larger barn and wood shed are both off limits — except for the WC, which is at one end of the shed.

- for first aid, bug spray, SPF, any questions —when in doubt, visit the info table! or find someone with a red ribbon on their wrist, which means they are familiar with everything at Succurro.

- there is no cell service here, but WiFi will reach the surrounding areas of the house. the wifi password is at the info table.




There are several places to park that are designated by 2WD vs 4WD, and also overnight vs day parking. You will be directed to the right place when you arrive!


This is where we live, and where the Fellows are staying for the weekend. There is a bathroom for emergencies on the first floor for use as needed.


This is where you’ll come for check-in, see the schedule or map throughout the weekend.


This is a central location, a deep green building, that will house an installation.


This is the barn closer to the road. Up the ramp will be an open space used throughout the weekend, and the downstairs is a raw space to check out.


This is where all meals will be eaten, with the exception of dinner on Saturday night.


This is where we will eat dinner Saturday night!


The Succurro tents are at the top of the hill, and quite obvious. There are two other camp sites that we have carved out that you may choose to set up in, or you can feel free to wander where you like to set up.


Untitled-Artwork (1).jpg



2-6:30pm // Info Table // Arrivals, setup, hang out

6:30pm // Cantina // Welcome + orientation

7pm // Cantina // Dinner

8pm // Bonfire // Tea, music, hangout


7-8am // Small Barn // Movement

8-10am // Cantina // Breakfast available

8:30-12:30 // Small Barn // Sessions (by donation, sign up required)

12:30-2pm // Cantina // Lunch

2-5pm // Various activities, see Fellow Schedule

6pm // Cantina // Bar open

7pm // Dinner Field // Dinner, bonfire, music til late


8am // Cantina // Coffee available

9-10am // Small barn // Movement

10-12 // Cantina // Brunch

12 + beyond // Departures begin


The main day of the Festival is Saturday, July 20 which is when all Fellow-led activities take place. Below are the schedule and location of each, and to the right are descriptions.


NICA // Stone Ramp

DAWN // Visit the info table for instructions

LINH // Garage

ALEX G. // Silo; small barn downstairs - see info table for instructions

ELISSA // Sanctuary


10am // Meet at Info Table // Conversation led by ALEX W.C.

2-5pm // Small barn // Collective Weaving with ZAIDA

7pm // Dinner field // Dinner of the Senses led by all Fellows


MOVEMENT - for any early risers, Succurro will lead a movement class based in the Franklin Method — a modality that helps us to utilize our own minds to impact our physical and experience in our bodies.

SESSIONS - Succurro practitioners, along with Daryl Kovalich and Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, will be available for 30 minute sessions in the small barn. These are by donation; sign up required.

NICA - on the stone ramp that leads up to the larger barn, Nica invites participants to walk move or dance on wool from neighboring farms to collectively create the fabric that will cover the Sanctuary — an 8-pointed structure on the other side of the stream.

DAWN - at the Info Table participants will find a set of instructions that will lead them in getting lost in their own creative mapping. Grab a set of headphones, tiny easel, paper, and paints; download the recording to your phone; and off you go.

LINH - In the garage, Linh presents a meditative suminagashi experience of light and sound. Participants are invites to interact with the installation through touching the gray stitching at different parts of the fabric. Go backwards in time, move on to the next one, and turn up the intensity!

ZAIDA - Enter the small barn where Zaida will guide participants through SOLEANDO JUNTXS, a ceremony where we will embody the process of a slow collective weaving, and practice being, moving, breathing, alone-together, together-alone, and together-together, in silence.

ALEX G. - At each site there are materials. These projects are studies that use physical creative practices to gain insight into immaterial aspects of our world. The poem at the top of the stone ramp is an explanation of her process. Use the paint (at the silo) and the drawing materials (in the barn) to engage with the questions in your unique way. Notice the energy moving through you. 

ALEX W.C. - Stroll up to the dinner field to view Alex’s installation, Return. On Saturday, meet the info table for a walk and talk about flowers and her work with weeds.

ELISSA - within the Sanctuary, built by Nica, are three vessels to engage participants in two separate rituals, rituals of fire and water.