In this space I'll be presenting spreads and interpretations based on my developing personal divinatory process of examining the Major Arcana of the Tarot as an allegory of the creative process and formulation of the artistic identity. I'll be reading for my fellows as an offering to provide further guidance as they shape their own projects. My hope is that the insights can be helpful to all as well as providing a body of interpretations that will further my own understanding and shape the ultimate output my own fellowship project. To initiate things I've done a simple 5 card reading for myself. While my project is based on examining the Arcana as a whole. Drawing cards at random allows one to see greater and more complex relationships between the different elements that assemble a creative process. It also can serve as a momentary snapshot of the status of things.

Card A (left) XII - Le Pendu / The Hanged Man

The card in this position represents the experience up until now and the current state of things. The Hanged Man is a part of our emotional duality and depicts the artist in the meditative and introspective space--the self looking inward as source of gnosis. It is also the realm of alternative viewpoints and consideration of external perspective. When engaging in our craft the Hanged Man represents the liberation from time and body. Engaging in craftwork allows us to achieve the mental vacuity required to access our source, the innermost truth we hope to convey in our work. At this point we are in a state of gestation, a private realm of transformation, bound to this process until we are ready to emerge from our cocoons fully transformed.

Card B (right) X - La Roue De Fortune / The Wheel of Fortune

The card in this position represents what is surrounding Card A. The Wheel of Fortune is the objective of our creative realm. The formulation of a process. A mechanized means of refining and spiritualizing matter. Our process takes us through the recesses of our subconscious waters. We emerge from this experience transformed, ascending to our apex before under going the experience all over again. As artists our process is our means of manually turning this wheel of transformation. A simulation of the constant cycle of death and rebirth.

Card C (above) XXI - Le Monde / The World

The card above represents the cosmic force exerting influence on card A and B. In this position I have drawn The World; our Mandala. This is the ultimate objective of our creative journey. This is the totality of all things. This "cosmic egg" is flanked by the four centers of the creative experience. The bottom left, the physical center, our journey from creative acts to creative truth. The bottom right, the creative center, our conscious choice to step into the unknown and formulate a process for spiritualizing matter. The top left, the emotional center; our craft, the experience of time and emotion culminating in temptation to move fully into the beyond. The top right, our intellectual / spiritual center. Our tower of meaning and its place in the cosmic skyline. These four interdependent centers create the boundaries of our central figure. Our depiction of our universal truth. Our very own version of perfection. A window to the soul of our subject matter.

Card D (bellow) XI - La Force / Strength

The card at the bottom is the outcome. Strength is craft, the more we engage in our craft, the stronger we become as artists. It is the very essence of our emotional experience. In tandem with our process (X - The Wheel of Fortune) La Force represents a harmony between the realm of spirituality and creativity. This is a symbol of self-discipline, fortitude, heroism, and the knowledge of self that will allow us to transcend temptation and move our projects into the beyond, the space outside of our minds.

Card E. (center) Essence. VIIII - L'Hermite / The Hermit

This card is determined by adding Cards A, B, C, and D. This sum represents the numeric value of the central card. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana. 22 represents the Fool (0). If the sum is greater than 22 we add the digits together to arrive at the numerological representation of central essence of the spread.


12 + 10 + 21 + 11 = 54

5 + 4 = 9 (VIIII)

At the center of all of this we find our creative guardian. The Hermit represents freedom and autonomy. Solitude, wisdom, guidance, and therapy are all evoked by this card. The hermit brings us forward through the darkness of the subconscious.

What meaning do I see in regard to my project?

The hanged man very accurately depicts the state of my project at this point. Up until now I've spent a considerable amount of time making notes and transcribing a lot of ideas that I have been ruminating on for the last year. I have poured out my mind and sought inner truth in regard to my project and I am now ready to sort and make some sense of things. The Hanged Man is also speaking to how I am very comfortable I am in this position, how I can become "hung-up" and stagnated. It can be tempting to stay locked in this "safe space". The wheel is accurate in that it depicts my formulation of a process for completing my project, the how portion of my work. The card above, The World, speaks to my vision of my final output. When all the elements of my project assemble, what will emerge in the center? What truths will be exposed? At this point this is almost like a sonogram. The vision is cloudy and will typically require some additional explanation. The outcome; Strength speaks to my need to hone my need to engage in self-discipline in order to strengthen myself for the journey to come. Exercises like sharing in this space would be one example. And at the center, the essence, the Hermit, my guide and creative guardian. What is central right now is self reliance, freedom, and autonomy. I can't remain "hung up". Its time to engage with craft and process. To map a methodology that will see my project through to completion. In this case, the sage like wisdom I seek to guide me is readily available in the Tarot itself! How very meta?