lead learner


  1. Facilitates critical dialogue;

  2. Encourages curiosity & investigation;

  3. Has an expertise to explore & share.

Knowledge sharing, collective creativity, and critical dialogue are all important aspects of healing and community building. Each year, a group of individuals or pairs are invited to lead workshops that investigate a specific area of interest related to our humanity, and in particular creative life force energy.

We refer to Lead Learners to aid in putting aside a hierarchical approach to educating, as well as allowing the leader space to be imperfect, while expressing a specific expertise or area of curiosity that they have committed themselves to and would like to share with others. Lead Learners are engaged in the process of learning and healing themselves. While a two day workshop takes place over a weekend or week, Lead Learners are asked to spend a series of days at Succurro in retreat for preparation, reflection, and personal work before engaging with others.

WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING 2019 APPLICATIONS - deadline is December 15, see below for details.


2018 Lead Learners                       Become a lead learner



Amanny Ahmad

Amanny is an artist, chef, forager, ikebana enthusiast, writer, food activist and traveler based in New York City. Born in Utah to Palestinian immigrants, she spent her early life traveling back-and-forth between the southwest and her family’s village in the West Bank, where her interest in foraging began, evolving as a way of preserving the culinary traditions of her family. Since then, Amanny, who is a self-taught chef, has studied culinary traditions and wild food ways in Italy, Mexico, Palestine, and North America, in an effort to record and help preserve indigenous culinary traditions and methods of survival. 

Amanny will be hosting our OPENING CELEBRATION August 4, a dinner to honor the emergence of this space. 


Marissa Correia

I am a holistic womb wellness guide and educator on the full reproductive continuum. I believe that caring for the womb is caring for all of life. I believe that studying the womb is studying all of life. My work in these ways began (in this lifetime), about 5 years ago when I began to feel and work with the wounds & memories of my foremothers that I stored in my womb & body. It was this that led me into birth work, and to find my amazing teachers with whom I have studied traditional midwifery & postpartum care,, energy healing and holistic pelvic care. Ultimately though I am an apprentice to the Womb first and foremost, and constantly a student in this way, listening. I feel it is this aspect of my path, and my own lived experience of doing this work that qualifies me to hold this space for another. I am humbled and honored to be of service in this way, and owe all of what I am able to give to the elements that support me - the water, the earth, the air, the fire. Thank you.

Marissa is leading REMEMBRANCE + REGENERATION , a weekend for womb work, and Earth+Body-based practices  - DATE TBA


Marlee Grace


Marlee Grace is an improviser and writer living on the rural coast of California.  She works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive and making work through movement, quilting, writing, and podcasting.  Marlee also runs a community space and public studio in Inverness, CA called CENTER.

Marlee has a BFA in Dance from the University of Michigan and has a project called Personal Practice that exists on a photo sharing app. This daily dance documentation project has been featured in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Uppercase Magazine, and more.  Marlee works with musicians such as Mary Lattimore, Emily Sprague, Kacey Johansing, Ben Livingston, and more to bring live improvised sounds to her performances and teaching 

Marlee is leading COMPOSITION + PRACTICE Aug 31 - Sept 2 -- a weekend of improvisational movement + writing in the studio and open field.


Jacob Schaffer


Jacob is a music based multimedia performing artist holding studies in mindfulness practices. His singer/songwriting roots expanded growing up in the improvisational vocal community led by Bobby Mcferrin and members of Voicestra. Also, a former producer apprentice at Quad Studios. This unique blend of music and mindfulness has also led to the cultivation of Sound Bath Meditations. After years of musical study, bedroom recordings and soul searching, Jacob’s self-produced album Good Chi was debuted and celebrated with a Solo European Tour making stops in various countries and the UK. In Holland, began production for the ‘Other Side’ EP, a serendipitous meeting of the minds and co-production with Mishal Zeera.

Jacob will be leading a SOUND BATH pulling from all his experiences leading groups, performing, and layering sound on October 20, 7:30-9pm



We want to hear from you! Each year we seek individuals or pairs engaging with audiences to examine their humanity and question what we assume to be true about ourselves and environment. This means a wide variety of topics, expertise, and curiosities - we will prioritize those who are creating space for our humanity, dismantling oppressive systems, and healing through creativity.

Workshops proposals should encompass a full weekend immersive experience for participants. Participants pay a fee for attendance that included lodging and food, and several scholarships are available for each. Lead Learners are asked to spend a series of days at Succurro in retreat in preparation, reflection, and personal work before engaging with others. For this time, Lead Learners have their own spacious apartment and receive sessions as well as support in carrying out their work.

We fully understand some may not be able to give up a full week of life to do this, so any amount of time you can spend is great, though we encourage between 3-5 days. Ideally, a Lead Learner may arrive on a Sunday/Monday, spend the week, followed by the weekend workshop, and departure as needed on Sunday or Monday after participants leave. We hope that by covering travel, food, and accommodations, and providing a fair leading fee that this might be feasible, as well as intangibly beneficial for you and those coming to learn with you.


From Lead Learner, Marlee Grace:

“My time as a lead learner at Succurro was nothing short of transformational.  This visit felt like the beginning of a profound shift in how I see myself in the world and in relation to the earth and to others.  In working with Damian and Owyn I was able to truly get in my body, work through past trauma and old ideas, all in a container that was so so safe and gentle. 

The structure of staying for 5 days before I taught was the catalyst for me being able to fully show up to the students in a way I truly don't think I would have been able to otherwise.  Through source point therapy we worked through boundaries, how I can hold space for myself and trust that my students will hold space for theirselves also - putting this new trust in myself and those participating made me feel so generous with my knwoledge and energy and not burnt out - while usually after a 2 hour workshop I'll feel completely depleted 

This place, the people, and the experience were exactly what I needed at this moment in my career and practice - I look forward to returning on a regular basis to continue this research in a community of others dedicated to the same sense of healing and aliveness.” —— Marlee Grace


Ready to apply? 

We are currently taking applications for 2019 due by DECEMBER 15, 2018. 

You can also nominate someone from within your community — we are happy reach out if it feels like a good fit.

Fill out the appropriate form below and we will get back to you, or contact us first with any questions! The form does not save progress, so we suggest answering questions elsewhere and then copying them here