My Project: Suminagashi Dreams of You

An immersive visual + sound installation as contemplative space driven by the flowing imagery of suminagashi

Suminagashi is…

…the stillness of observation within perpetual motion

…conflict and tension yielding to reconciliation

…nature’s inertia meeting human will

…swinging on the fulcrum of cohesion and disorder

Back Through Another Dimension

I returned to an an old creative pastime of screen printing to push further visual language of Suminagashi, and I’m quite pleased with the early results! Drawing a contained version of a previous marbled print and printing with deep saturation over hard geometric shapes gives me a vertigo feeling.

Linh My Truong - Suminagashi Screen Print

New territories

I’ve been doing extensive marbling tests on both Western and Japanese paper, and as expected, the Japanese paper is performing the best. Thin but strong, it soaks up the ink like cloth and holds up well in water. My favorites to work with so far have been Goyu, Professional-grade Hosho, and Okawara.

Metatron’s Cube

I’m combining my paper studies with my interest in sacred geometry to hand-quilt marbled paper sculptures illuminated by light. The stiffness of the material inspires me to work more with the hard corners of geometric shapes including all those found in the mythical Metatron’s Cube. I’ve also made a pyramid shape with the same proportions as the Great Pyramid of Giza, which incorporates the Golden Ratio among other mathematical concepts into it’s design. The pyramid is an image that repeatedly comes up for me and after my first natal chart reading as part of the Succurro fellowship, the vivid triangle in my personal chart is propelling me to investigate this form in a deeper way.