hi! it’s me lou fuzzy. welcome to some pieces of my mind, daily rituals, and noticings. i’ve recently discovered my general process of progress is confusion — clarity — doubt and back to confusion. it’s not an endless repetitive cycle without growth, however, each new clarity is adding to old clarity as i circle into new depths. the more you know the more questions you have kinda thing.. it’s a joyful process that i’m always moving thru. it often feels like holding puzzle pieces in yr head, not sure where they fit but you know they’re important, and you just keep collecting till VOILA the pattern emerges; the clarity is yummy. which is all to say, this space will be a place for both puzzle pieces and emergent patterns to be shared. plz enjoy <3

a thought: the cure for boredom is paying attention, relaxing into wonderment. there are millions of miracles happening around us at once. salvation lies in paying attention, things yearning to be witnessed (or are they? does it matter to them whether they are witnessed or not?) i as a piece of nature, a piece of the divine, the universe, can say it does matter to me to be witnessed. and why would it not to the other pieces of myself, that is to say the universe.

my creative practice is part of my spiritual practice, and vice versa. both are constantly feeding each other. in 2019, i’ve been working deeply with the elements: how they appear, the energy they carry, what they symbolize, and how we can engage them to heal and magnify. waterfalls have also been a big theme this year. i often work with an energy or an idea across many mediums as a way to experience them more intimately, gleaning new secrets that make us closer as i progress.

questions i’m asking:

how do we ground?

when we are unbraiding the parts of us that are self and the pieces that are environmental conditioning, what are our reliable tools?

how do i maximize my resiliency?

daily time spent w nature, noticing

nature is my portal to the divine, my map back to center, and how i realign with what it means for me to be alive


spiritual empowerment sessions

part of my spiritual practice has evolved into sharing knowledge & tools with others thru 1on1 sessions


new moon,

active imagination

a perfect time to check in with self and what is ready to be built or focused on for the coming cycle



tini rituals

honing intuition, communing with ancestors, deeper connection and alignment, more joy


~stuff i’m into lately~

 what i’m listening to while i work: new yorker fiction podcast, everything tierra whack, U.F.O.F - big thief, plantasia - mort garson, keyboard fantasies - beverly glenn - copeland, puff: in the air without a shape - bernice, black friday - palehound, free cell - lina tullgren, lizzo dance breaks, when i get home - solange, blowing on a marshmallow in perpetuity - 0 stars, hive mind - the internet,  my ‘spoopy daddi’ playlist cuz its october yall!

what i’m watching: in the shadow of the moon, american horror story apocalypse, all the 80s nostalgia movies

ppl inspiring me right now (& thr instagram): alok menon @alokvmenon, brooke herr @behsticks, mab graves @mabgraves, toyin ojih odutola @toyinojihodutola,  mia @bee__daddy, adrienne maree brown @adriennemareebrown

reading inspiring me right now:

pleasure activism - adrienne maree brown (& everything on her blog)

the faggots and their friends between revolutions - larry mitchell

drinking alone with the moon (zine) - jia sung

anatomy of the spirit - caroline myss

amateur - thomas page mcbee

word up - dani katz

acorn - yoko ono

bluets - maggie nelson



every stage

rly getting into the death cycle in micro ways & symbolic ways and enjoying its unique beauty


i’d love to hear from you! drop a note to my email loufuzzyelda@gmail.com to sign up for a newsletter or find me on instagram @fuzzydewdrop ♥