mātriks (noun)

  1. Relationship between one or more

  2. Environment or material in which something develops;

  3. A surrounding medium or structure

Life consists of matrices within matrices; relationships between people, with aspects of ourselves, with the environment and beyond. These relationships exist within a vast field of information, one that through specific protocol we can address what within the matrix is not communicating, and standing in the way of flow toward highest potential.

In this program, Succurro works with individuals seeking to address the energetic structures of relationship. While down the line we hope to offer this for all kinds of relationships, and for groups, currently, we are focusing on individual clients who wish to address their business matrix or a specific creative project.


This question can be answers from a theoretical or practical perspective.

Theoretically — how does this work work? We don’t know. Humans do not yet theoretically know for certain (ie. cannot prove) exactly how information is transmitted through energetic fields that we cannot see, smell, hear, or taste. We can’t see the internet either, but we trust that it’s working. The unknown can be scary at times, and we get that — but we see results, and experience things that cannot be put into words, so we aim to find ways to produce results for others and allow the unknown to be part of the norm.

Practically — what is the course and how is it administered? See below.



Each year we hold this program several times, with specific start and end dates:

Cohort 1 : July 1 - November 11, 2019

Cohort 2 : January 6 - May 25, 2020


The program takes place over a period of time to see results and make shifts. Participants should expect change — but we are not looking for miracles, and cannot predict outcomes. We are creating an environment for moving in the right direction, and supporting ourselves in taking responsibility for our highest potential. Inherently, personal things will come up to be looked at within your life, and we provide support for this — as humans, and mostly through the work. The expectation of the participant is that you will be as honest as you can when challenging, difficult, or emotional aspects arise so that we can best support your healing and potential.

Below is the gist of what the program consists of; results and transformation vary by participant, depending largely on mindset and willingness to create lasting change in their own lives.

The program:

  • takes place over 20 weeks;

  • includes 7 completely remote sessions (bi-weekly) that do not require your presence — we simply have a quick phone call prior to the session, with an email update after;

  • as well as 3 longer sessions via Zoom — initial consultation, mid-way check in, and final session.

  • there is 1 follow-up session included that will take place somewhere between 1-2 months after completion, and determine any further work at that time;

  • includes dialogue and communication as you need it — if something is coming up that needs to be addressed, you’'ll simply reach out to us.


We intend for this program to be as straight forward and simple as possible. It is conducted entirely remotely — so, participants can be located anywhere on Earth. We ask for active and honest participation and communication within well-defined parameters. During each 20-week program, we accept up to 12 people so that attention is focused on those individuals. As the program continues, we will also create space for all who have participated to interact with one another, as well as create affordable ways of continuing the work.

Participants will:

  • Submit a detailed Intake Form to establish a baseline and goals;

  • and submit a detailed Exit Form to look at results and feedback;

  • answer bi-weekly updates and brief phone call prior to each session;

  • commit to the work at hand, which at times may be challenging or uncomfortable — but trust you are being supported toward your highest good.

Please contact us with any questions!



The total investment of the program is $1450.

After submitting an application, we will be in touch to find out a bit more about you and to determine together that it is the right program for you at this time. If it feels like a good fit for all, then you’ll be invoiced for the program. Payment is due prior to the cohort start date to begin sessions, unless you have selected to setup a payment plan.

Cancellation: For the moment, we’re keeping our cancellation policy flexible. If at any point during the program, you can no longer commit, please reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss an agreed upon refund for any unused session time.


Payment plans are available. We know this is a chunk of resource to devote to your business in this way — so we are happy to work with each participant to suit their budgetary needs. There will be a $20 fee added to each installment, and we can break it down into as many installments as needed. Please select this option in the application, and we will discuss prior to invoicing you.


We have two partial scholarship spaces open per cohort which are meant to support participants who are already, or who plan to, offer their products or services at low-cost or free and to communities in need. Partial scholarships generally mean 50%, but we can be flexible based on your application. Visit our Scholarships page to learn more or apply.


We’re thrilled you’re ready to apply! Please submit the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Form contents DO NOT SAVE. We recommend answering in another document and copy/pasting to the form when you are ready to submit.

Program dates and deadlines are:

Cohort 1 : July 1 - November 11, 2019 — applications due by June 15, 2019

Cohort 2 : January 6 - May 25, 2020 — applications due by December 15, 2019

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