(pres. infinitive succurrere; third conjugation)

    1.     help, aid, relief
    2.     run to help, to run to the aid of
    3.     run beneath, go under; to undergo.

Succurro is a space for examining, celebrating, and regenerating our humanity, and reclaiming our right to health. 

The current reality of 'health' often feels stuck between two places: a Wellness Industry that commodifies wellbeing, appropriates Indigenous wisdom, and co-opts space with spiritual bypass, ignoring the oppression and violence occurring; and a Western medical model that capitalizes on withholding what we innately have a right to know about our bodies, being in community, and operating within the larger cosmos. There is a shift occurring, and we are honored to facilitate an open space for exploring the unknown and coming to our own rescue. We aim do this through these inter-dependent lens:



We consider health to be alignment with the innate patterns of the human being, addressing the whole human + allowing the human to find wholeness as they are. This encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; getting in tune with natural cycles; acknowledging what has come before the present moment, and what will come after. We cannot see everything that affects our health, and therefore we do not assume that we can see everything that will maintain it. By using and sharing modalities that address this balance of unseen forces and tangible transformation, we aim to play a part in expanding the acceptance and accessibility of alternative care (particularly energy medicine) that synthesize with the medical system. 

You can read about our approach to health, check out resources, or contact our facilitators for more information.



Right now there is a call for radical creative practice that aids in a renewed engagement with ourselves, fellow humans, and the home we co-inhabit so that we can consistently be present to suffering and act from a practical place to relieve it. We offer grounds for investigation and curiosity, letting us discover together the uses for innate creative energy we possess in order to achieve health and well-being for all. 

We define creativity broadly as life force energy. Our Fellows explore this manifestation throughout the year, and those in Retreat have access to studios + equipment to examine what the use of this energy might bring up and out.



There is no single answer or magic pill for the complexity of issues humanity has created and operates within; but we may take responsibility by turning to deep inner work: facing and nourishing personal / collective demons and generational traumas, accepting conflict as healing, challenging belief systems, and addressing what does not serve the deeper desire to co-exist in peace. We must do this work within ourselves, and we must do it together.

We will host events throughout the year allowing folks to convene safely or offer space for groups to engage on their own. You can also join us as a facilitator, lead learner, or fellow at different points in the year.



Taking responsibility for our well-being is not easy work. Succurro is where we can be our own healers, a space we are invited to be uncomfortable and allowed not to know; accept the present and arm ourselves with what fuels us. This takes action, not bypass; it takes maturity to be with the complexity of duality; it takes a balance of self-responsibility and facing the mirror of relating. This digital space, and the physical location, aim to be a support to anyone in a process of unlearning, healing, cultivating Being, and bringing it out into the world.

What do you want to unlearn? You can check out our educational opportunities, or propose a class you'd like to share or experience. 


This space will shift in time as it unfolds with the community. To get involved, ask a question, or offer feedback,please contact us