(pres. infinitive succurrere; third conjugation)

    1.     help, aid, relief
    2.     run to help, to run to               the aid of
    3.     run beneath, go under;              to undergo.

SUCCURRO is a space for examining, developing, and regenerating what it is to be human through healing the relationship to self, other, and environment.

Through radical self-inquiry practices, ongoing research, and community collaborations, we investigate our personal and collective systems and use the innate creative energy we possess to encourage genuine self-expression as a means for healing, connection, and dancing with the unknown. While they are intrinsically connected, and not the only ways, these are the specific lens' through which Succurro seeks to explore:

HEALTH  Through education, research, and collaborations, Succurro aims to provide opportunities to shift the paradigm and perspective of how we view and achieve 'Health'. In collaboration with Western medicine and today's technology, can we use innate wisdom and complementary practices to develop a relationship with our body, mind, and spirit, and take responsibility for our well-being and those around us. 

CREATIVITY  A unique capacity of humans is the conscious manifestation of creative energy.  It is our responsibility to use this energy to solve problems, but also to create and live new ways of being with ourselves, others, and our environment. It is through creative energy we can utilize and manifest the information that exists in a field of greater awareness, let emotion move as deep energy, and be at peace and present with the conflicts of life. 

COMMUNITY  Humans need one other as they need water, food, and air. Succurro offers a space to be free


Located on 111 acres of land in East Meredith, NY