Natal Knowing : Intro to Astrology for Self-Inquiry (Nov)

Natal Knowing : Intro to Astrology for Self-Inquiry (Nov)


This 6-week online gathering is for those who have a deep interest in learning to use their natal chart as an energetic map for self-inquiry and daily practice. We will focus on a simple approach with vast impact on addressing our purpose, potential, and greatest challenges that stand in the way of getting there. We will integrate writing, meditation, and tools for self-expression mixed with dialogue on the potential astrology has for enhancing a healthy ability to be together within the cosmos.

Each week the group will explore basic knowledge of reading a Western natal chart and zodiacal archetypes through chart examples and sharing our personal experiences. Together, we will take responsibility for what we uncover - both innate gifts and challenges - to support personal and collective Being. 

Sundays, 5-6:30pm EST

November 4 - December 9

Class is limited to 12 people; there are 2 full scholarships and 2 partial scholarships available. Please see the extended information below for application info.

Cancellation Policy:

Workshop, event, and training fees are due upon receipt. All payments are due two weeks prior to arrival date. Full refunds, less a $20 admin fee, will be granted up to one month prior; 50%refunds will be granted up to two weeks prior; no refunds within the two weeks leading up to arrival, except in extenuating circumstances in writing with Succurro approval. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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The cost of this offering is $210, aka $35 per session. This fee aids in supporting 2 full scholarships and 2 partial scholarships (50%) meant for those typically marginalized within our society. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch within a few days.


Class will take place online via Zoom, which requires a phone app or use of computer, and is strongly preferred that video is enabled for all participants. Zoom links will be sent each week prior to class. Class recordings will be sent after each class, so students can return to the information covered as they wish.


Owyn has had a curiosity and relationship with the zodiac and its implications starting at 13. At 18 she began studying psychology, art, and seeing an astrologer for guidance and study, taking it more seriously as a tool for her own well-being and grappling with social anxiety. Around her Saturn return, she came across Mark Jones and his approach to astrology from a psycho-spiritual perspective, and soon started seeing clients to aid others in understanding blocks to their potential. In working with others, Owyn combine astrology, energy work, self-inquiry tools, and explorations of creative potential.