Sound Bath : A Community Concert

Sound Bath : A Community Concert

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Lead by Jacob Schaffer

Experience and receive the power of sound. Promoting rest and relaxation, this unique ‘Sound Bath’ restores energetic balance to mind, body and spirit. Jacob combines his mixed backgrounds as a musician and practitioner to guide this restorative meditation through musical improvisation. Using his voice, various instruments and recording live loops, amplified healing sounds fill the room. During the Sound Bath, participants lay down restoratively to receive; instruments are used throughout the room in addition to the live recorded loops, adding layers of dimension to the healing sounds.

Suggested donation is $20. Registering ahead of time guarantees you a spot; if you would like to RSVP and donate the amount you can that evening, spots are first come first serve until full, even if you registered (so please come early!)

Open to anyone who wants to come; if you want to spend the night, camping is available for $10/person. Participants should bring a mat and/or blanket(s) for comfort.


Due the the nature of the event, there is no cancellation policy, so please keep that in mind when registering. All proceeds go to Jacob, in support of his development as a musician working to provide healing experiences for others and himself.

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