w/ Marissa Correia (Ma Medicina) 



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This experience is a call to those who long for deeper relationship to the creative mystery and rhythm of life within and around. This space invites you to arrive fully into your body as it is now - to heal, awaken & embody the power that is within you. We will gather in honor of the cycles & rhythms within around us, to come to the womb and body as a place of wisdom, and to map the landscape of our own inner ecology. We will explore herstory & the ancestral feminine, holistic womb health, awakening and embodying the womb as a place of power and knowing, and ancestral healing.


About the weekend

The weekend will be broken down into four interrelated mini-classes and take place both indoors and outdoors:


In this class we will learn about our earth-based, goddess worshipping human ancestors and the cyclical lifeways they may have embodied. This is a piece of “history” that is seldom widely spoken about yet when we do this work of remembering we are given a point of orientation that is deeper than what is offered by modern culture today. We all have earth-based ancestors no matter how far we have to go back, and it was these ancestors that survived on the earth only through being in connection with her cycles and rhythms, and honoring her sacred fertility. Through this work we are given a point of orientation towards that which is life-giving and sustaining.


Our physiology is expansive and magical, abundant with information that can inform us in our lives. Our body’s systems are intelligent and responsive so it is incredibly important how we are tending to them. Though dominant culture does not have a blueprint for caring for the womb in a way that supports it’s vibrance and vitality, our body’s are always doing their best to move towards health and wholeness. Through learning to speak it’s language and truly listen, we are able to remove any blockages that may be in the way and steward these patterns of life. In this class you will learn practical physiology as well as the more spiritual-emotional-energetic elements of womb health. You will receive tools for self care and empowering information that can be integrated into your daily life and way of being - no matter where you are on the reproductive continuum. There is a wisdom to the cycles of the womb, from menarche to menopause!



Though it can feel mysterious, the womb is a true ally and space of creation. She teaches us what it means to be centered in ourselves, while constantly changing; how it feels to embody an unshakable knowing, deeply rooted in the mystery. The womb connects us to the deepest parts of ourselves, and all of life.

We will circle in honor of the creative energy in our bodies as well as that of the earth around us. Through this embodiment we can know our womb as a place of resource, truth, power and love. Through movement, breath, awareness, exploration and inquiry we will begin to encounter and cultivate a relationship with this sacred site within.

In this experience you will be invited to fully arrive into your body and explore the inner ecology of your creative center. We are each unique beings with a special connection to this space. You will be guided in expanding your awareness of your body while hearing more clearly the voice of your womb. In hearing the womb we hear a deeper sense of the self.


Every one of us was at some point an egg inside of our mother’s ovary, while she was inside of her mother’s womb. So, yes, we were all inside of our maternal grandmother’s womb. We carry stories and memories in our bodies and not all of these stories are ours. Some of them we inherit through our lineage. Ancestral healing work is like a fractal - when we heal ourselves, our point on the fractal, we impact and heal the entire fractal, the generations before and behind.

Culturally there has been a rupture within the mother line and a disconnect from a source point or orientation to our place in the greater web/family. Through giving a name and a life to these stories we can shift their expressions with our lineages.

In this circle we will explore ways of working with the mother-line and ancestral healing, while weaving together with our hands.



I am a holistic womb wellness guide and educator on the full reproductive continuum. I believe that caring for the womb is caring for all of life. I believe that studying the womb is studying all of life. My work in these ways began (in this lifetime), about 5 years ago when I began to feel and work with the wounds & memories of my foremothers that I stored in my womb & body. It was this that led me into birth work, and to find my amazing teachers with whom I have studied traditional midwifery & postpartum care, energy healing and holistic pelvic care. Ultimately though I am an apprentice to the Womb first and foremost, and constantly a student in this way, listening. I feel it is this aspect of my path, and my own lived experience of doing this work that qualifies me to hold this space for another. I am humbled and honored to be of service in this way, and owe all of what I am able to give to the elements that support me - the water, the earth, the air, the fire. Thank you. You can read about the other 2018 Lead Learners here


The cost of this weekend is by sliding scale between $350-600 -- please consider what level you are able to contribute. If you are in position to aid in covering costs for others, it is greatly appreciated. 



Accommodations are included: rustic but comfortable, and communal in nature. 4 raised platform tents can house up to 12 people, and include beds, sitting area, small wood stove, and beautiful views! There are shared outdoor bathrooms and shower facilities. Please include any accessibility information we need to know at application, so that we can discuss and accommodate. 



Food will be is provided from local farms and includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners. Please be sure to include any dietary restrictions in your application. 



Getting to and from Succurro is the responsibility of participants, and we will help coordinate carpooling as best we can. Though there are no direct trains to the Western Catskills area, there are daily buses from to Delhi (15 minutes from Succurro) via Adirondack Trailways



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