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Succurro is a space for regenerating our humanity and reclaiming our right to health. One way to do this is to provide access and share this space with other like-minded groups. Through community collaboration, radical creative practice, and individual & group empowerment, we share and explore alternative, practical, accessible methods for taking health into our own hands.

Explore below for more details. Have questions? Let us know!

We are currently accepting applications for activities from July 2019 and onwards.


space + accommodations

Where is Succurro?

Located on 110-acres in Haudenosaunee territory, now known as New York’s Western Catskills, Succurro is nestled in the woods with a busy stream and Hawthorne groves, far from busy towns - yet close to popular restaurants and shops. Just 3.5 hours from NYC, and 4 hours from Boston and Montreal, Succurro is a peaceful space for retreats and group gatherings.

What’s the space like?

Succurro is not a typical rental space — this is our home, which we wish to share with others and so has a very communal feel. Our general rental includes spacious and clean accommodations for the leader and participants, a barn studio and outdoor spaces for gathering, a cantina for eating and congregating, and in-house cooking. Cleaning services are included. We can house up to 20 people.

Below are more specifics on each component included in Rentals, and you can view images here.


Instructor Space / Private Bedrooms:

The main house has several private rooms in the house, with two shared beautiful bathrooms. Each room has plenty of light, a full size bed, and dresser. Instructor(s) get to choose their room first, and the remaining rooms are available for participants at nightly increase.


Canvas Tents: the camping area has four canvas tents with three twin beds each, housing up to 12. They are located up on a hill, framed by Hawthorne trees and surrounded by wildflower fields. There is a fire pit and gathering space in the middle of the tent area. Hidden in the trees is an outhouse with a compost toilet. Participants staying in the tents, are welcome to use one of the many shared bathrooms in the main house.  

Dorm room: located in the main house, the dorm room sleeps up to 8 people in cozy bunks. It has a separate staircase, an ensuite bathroom, and cozy reading area. Each bed has its own reading light, and set of earplugs and eye-mask for comfort.


Dining + Lounging

The main house has a large kitchen, comfortable sitting area and library, and spacious dining space overlooking the stream. We provide the meals for your group, and this is where it all takes place.



A two-story dairy barn is the central meeting point for activities. The upper floor is a large room with high ceilings and wood floors, and includes folding chairs, cushions, movement mats, and blankets. The lower floor is currently being renovated to create a flexible studio space for making – ceramics, textiles, etc. The upper floor can be used April through September, and lower floor will be available year-round.



110 acres offers plenty of space for walking, through open fields and shaded woods. There is a stream that cuts through the land, which is great for wading in or sitting near. We welcome visitors to be curious and explore, while treating the land and spaces as respectfully as possible, and leaving no trace.


food + service

What about meals?

Succurro provides 3 health meals each day for the group, as well as snacks and coffee/tea station. Meals vary depending on local, seasonal availability from partner farms, and what is produced on the land.

Each meal usually consists of:

  • Breakfast: Succurro eggs, breads, nut butters + jams, yogurt + homemade granola, coffee + tea

  • Lunch: array of salads (GF grain + vegetable based), fresh breads, meats and cheeses, soups

  • Dinner: roasted meat + vegetables, salads (grain + vegetable based)

  • Snacks: nuts, fruit, teas

What others services are included?

We will clean after your offering, as long as there is no damage or excessive needs. Bed linens, towels, and basic toiletries are provided for each participant, as well as flashlights for campers, eye masks, and ear plugs. There are exercise mats, blankets, blocks, and meditation cushions available for participants.


pricing + policies

Below are our 2019 prices for group rentals. The cost includes room and board for the group, as well as learning and common spaces, and access to the whole property. We are flexible, in general, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if there are questions, or something outlined here doesn’t exactly match your needs.

Groups that lead workshops that are highly subsidized, or train practitioners in providing low-cost or free community work are eligible for rental discounts. If this is you, please indicate in the application so that we can discuss pricing that works for your offering.

Cool Months (November - April):

  • Weekend: $100/person/night

  • Week day: $75/person/night

  • There are 2 private student rooms available, with shared bath — +$50/person/night

  • In cold months, we can accommodate10 participants in the dorm room and privates

  • Minimum booking — two nights, 6 people

Warm Months (May - October):

  • Weekend: $150/person/night

  • Weekday: $125/person/night

  • There are 2 private student rooms available, with shared bath — +$50/person/night

  • In warm months, we can accommodate 22 participants in tents, dorm room, and privates

  • Minimum booking — two nights, 10 people

Payments: $1000 non-refundable deposit is required to hold dates. Remaining balance due one week prior to rental date.

Contracts/Insurance: We ask that you sign a contract that we will provide, along with proof of insurance no later than two months prior to rental date. All instructors and students will be asked to sign Succurro waivers.

Cancellations: $1000 deposit is non-refundable. If cancellation is made one month prior to rental date, you will receive 50% of rental fee, less $100 deposit. If cancellation is made less than one month out from rental date, you will receive 50% of what you have paid to date. No refunds will be made if cancellation is less than one week prior to rental date.

Travel: The best way to get to Succurro is by car, however there are regular daily buses that come to the Western Catskills (Delhi or Oneonta, NY). Bus stops are within 20 minutes from Succurro, and taxis are available during normal business hours, and must be scheduled. Leaders are responsible for their own travel to and from Succurro, and are responsible for coordinating participant travel as needed.

Registrations: Leaders are responsible for coordinating registration, admin, and payments for their offering from participants.


Please fill out the following form in full! Someone will be in touch with you shortly to talk about your potential Rental in detail, so that we can move forward if it’s the right fit. You may wish to schedule a site visit before booking, which we are happy to accommodate. Please reach out with any questions to hello@succurro.co

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