How to Hold Generous Space


This past week the wall came down.

It’s been something we’ve been working towards for months but the moment the bricks were in a pile I realized there was now a responsibility to offer and hold space.

With four walls, a bit of heat and adequate lighting - there is now a platform for my partners and I to share our passion in connecting people with nature through food, wine and florals.

The excitement to create an offering for our community and our neighbors is quickly dampened when I remember how often good intentions fall short and without knowing it - a space will allow some to feel at ease and others to feel unwelcome.

How do we create a space that is truly generous? A space where we engage all the senses and offer a place of revelry, refuge and inclusivity?

This is something I’ll be committed to investigating in the months to come - and plan to share here…

Genevieve Rainsberger