You cannot have one without the whole

Fiberhouse Collective began to take shape about two years ago. Since then the project has shifted, grown, and begun to take up more space in my life. After making a decision that had been brewing for a while, to leave the safety of a full-time job at an outreach lab, I am now exploring what Fiberhouse will look like when I have more time to see it through.

The past few months have been coupled by a feeling of overwhelm. When shaking things up I released stagnation, but also exposed the less considered aspects of my plans. I decided to start a residency out of my live/work space. Exploring the threads that connect us has always been at the heart of the Fiberhouse mission, but this had existed within the confines of a class, workshop, or privates session. I wanted to experiment with radical intimacy, sharing a space and collaborating with other artists, designers, poets, scientists, researchers, farmers, and healers that want to integrate cloth that heals into their practice.

In order to do this, I had to break with my fear of moving things around. I had to clean. I took on the overwhelming task of organizing the tangible. This has allowed me the time and space to organize the intangible. I am learning overwhelm comes from building things up to the point where they are too heavy to lift, instead of moving things piece by piece.

This week the first resident came to stay. I turned my lists into action, my ideas into reality – but now I must iterate.

Nest steps: ask for help. It gets heavy holding space on your own.

Nica Rabinowitz