Beneath my collarbone


I’ve been away from this fellowship for a long stretch of months, but the things shared have stayed with and comforted me. The heaviest anchor that has kept me tethered is my natal chart.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. As of late, I spend a large portion of my days talking myself out of the fear that gurgles up from my stomach to just under my collarbone. Sometimes I use tapping to calm my body, to resettle the gurgling. Sometimes I meditate using sourcepoint. But more often than not, I look at the guidebook I have from the larger view outside my own.

I read through old notes from meetings with Owyn or breakthroughs I’ve had on my own. I remind myself of a bigger more holistic picture and all that I do not have and will not have control over - my north node is in Pisces - I’m just now learning to swim.

Alex W. Crowder