When One Door Closes...


Last week, I took a break from my creative practice and moved from my apartment of 9 years - a place where I first kissed my fiancé, proclaimed to myself that I was an Artist, brought my scared kitten home for the first time, and created a sacred and loving home in a sometimes abrasive city.

As I focused on this transition, I remembered to go easy on myself in this time of stress and allow emotions to come up and pass through me. The work we are doing at Succurro has added tapping the cortices into my toolkit for times like these along with deep breathing and meditation. I liken it to a physical mantra.

Part of trying to gracefully transition includes practicing gratitude. When the movers left and the apartment was empty, I lit sage and walked through each room in the apartment kindly thanking the apartment and allowing the flood of memories to hit me one last time before leaving. In this way, I hope to energetically cleanse the place for the next tenants and also allow myself to feel closure before moving on to the next place.

Linh My Truong