Learning to Let Go


As Spring comes upon us yet again, I find myself in a parallel state of transition as I prepare to leave my life in New York for a new existence in Detroit. With one foot in the past and one foot in the future, I am in a time parallax. The nostalgic past is quickly slipping away while the future is obscured in front of me.

Years ago, I faced my fear of heights and went skydiving. Being the last one on the plane, I witnessed each person one-by-one hold onto the metal bar by the open plane door, lean their bodies back, and let go with the wind whipping their bodies into the never-ending sky. It was absolutely terrifying. Although it took me an extra moment, I was able to release and feel the ecstasy of pure flying freedom.

I am reminded of that time now as I find myself having a hard time letting go. So many memories come rushing through me at the relentless pace this city is known for. I am turning to my art practice of suminagashi more than ever now as a way to stay in the present moment, my mind focused on the purview of inks floating delicately on water. The tools I’ve learned in Succurro of tapping the cortices and holding the navel point are ones that I use consistently and have also allowed me to return to center in times of emotional and mental confusion.

My goal with my time remaining in New York is to view it as a Spring blossoming tree - beautiful, fleeting, and to be enjoyed while it lasts.

Linh My Truong