Dancing with the unknown

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This work works. It’s that simple. When I first started receiving source point sessions, I didn’t know why, but every time I left the table I felt lighter. I had clarity. It was like all of the build up of unwanted thoughts (and stagnant energy) evaporated.

This has translated to clarity with my project Fiberhouse Collective, but also my role within it and within the greater collective. This work has allowed me to get out of my own way. To trust my intuition. To follow my own road to fulfillment, instead of blindly taken the safe path laid before. While I take the next steps in forging my own trail, turning friends to board members and a personal project into a non-profit - I know within me the timing is right. It is time to get out of my own way and listen. To trust this vision. To flow.

By sitting with the points on my own each morning I am able to start each day with this understanding and this connection to my body and the blueprint. I am able to take ownership over my own healing at a time where I am creating new routines. When stepping into the unknown it is important to have frameworks in place. Order. Balance. Harmony. and Flow.

Nica Rabinowitz