If you want to make change in the world, first you have to realize you are a part of it.

I have always been critical. Easy to judge the faults in others and myself. It has not been easy to forgive.

When I first sat down with Owyn, and we looked at my chart together it was unsurprising that this was at the center of my journey. My south node in analytical Gemini and the 6th house Virgo and my north in the waters of the great unknown in the coming together of Sagittarius and the 12th house ruled by Pisces. At first I saw these two nodes at odds. The more time I spend with the work, the more I become comfortable with duality.

The push and pull. The scientific research and the world’s magic. Both sides of the same coin. When I find myself sitting with both this is where the solutions lie. Instead of getting trapped in a cycle of overthinking which leads to inaction, I find myself getting better at forgiving humanity and myself. In these moments I am liberated. In this space I am able to to heal myself and our planet. I am reminded the solution is in working together again.

Nica Rabinowitz