Talking to plants


I feel most at home in the mud of Missouri. It is the landscape I am most comfortable with. Last week I spent three days crawling around in it searching for Spring’s bounty. As I squatted next to a family of blooming wild hyacinth, I told them how thankful I was to see them. I clipped a few of the blooms, leaving more for the forest and its inhabitants, thanked it for its beauty and crawled over to the Mayapple patch. I was foraging for an installation at the local Museum- where, later in the week, I presented my work and spoke of reciprocity with the earth, of elevating the mud to the museum plinth and the wonders of a weed.

Yesterday, The UN released a report concluding that one million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction because of human activity.

How do I bring enough people to my mud patch in order for them to understand what we stand to lose?

Alex W. Crowder