When Art and Technology Meet


I am currently in the second week of ITP summer camp at NYU. The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU refers to itself as the Center for the Recently Possible and focuses on the use of current technology by artists, inventors, educators, and general creative thinkers to enhance and improve people’s lives. As an artist focused on the slow-process arts of textiles, ceramics, and metalsmithing, the use of technology seems antithetical to my process. However, in order to incorporate interactivity into my work, a deep dive into the technology currently available to achieve that is a necessary addition to my creative toolbox.

The open source nature of the tech community is right up my alley, and I’m beginning to see the consonance of the technologist / artist. Both are creative thinkers looking towards the future and what has not been done before, have a message they want to deliver, and are extremely resourceful in how that message is delivered. It brings to mind the inventor & artist Leonardo Da Vinci or the Dutch painter Vermeer and the camera obscura.

Through my astrology work with Owyn, my natal chart has a heavy emphasis on Chiron the Wounded Healer, which naturally lends itself to my work as an artist seeking to promote healing through suminagashi as meditation. My personal art practice has been a major catalyst for my own healing from past traumas resurfacing in my psyche from time to time. Our bodies remember what our minds hide from us, and the use of suminagashi to reconnect with my body in the present time helps to keep me centered, grounded, and self-aware. The tools I’ve learned from Sourcepoint have also brought me to a similar state of mind. I feel clear and focused, ready to direct my energy towards what matters most. 

My current exploration of applying technology to create a healing sumingashi experience has brought up numerous questions in my practice: Does technology detach or enhance human experience? Can we seamlessly integrate the digital world with the physical world?  Or does it constitute an unnatural feeling of disembodiment? 

Linh My Truong