Scholarships are available for most offerings at Succurro, and are partial (50%) scholarship seats. These seats are offered for those already actively working to serve their community through teaching, organizing, or offering services that are either free or low-cost to those in need.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Generally, scholarships each have a deadline (listed on the offering page and in the drop-down in application) and participants will be selected based on the impact the selected offering will have on current or planned community-oriented work. All applicants will be contacted within a week after the deadline by email.

Interested in helping support scholarships? Succurro aims to price its offerings on a scale that is sustainable for both the participant and the organization. However, given that we live within systems that hold injustice, we wish to aid a ripple effect through scholarships that support individuals striving for collective health and liberation without barriers. We’d love your help in this! If you are in a position to share funds, materials, or other items that support this, please be in touch

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