Private sessions are a way to explore the many layers of being human, and address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in alternative ways. Together, client and practitioner find interdisciplinary and creative ways of making room for growth and transformation. Creative, meditative, and energetic self-inquiry practices - including Evolutionary Astrology and SourcePoint Therapy©,  are tools that allow us to connect to the insights and awareness that aid in radically shifting our perspective on personal patterns and the choices we face. 

The energetic work aims to reconnect the client with the universal blueprint for human health, strengthening inherent order, balance, harmony, and flow. We first establish a safe container for the session, and the triad relationship (client / Blueprint / practitioner), followed by several body scans to locate the current blockages obstructing the free flow of information from the Blueprint. The practitioner's role is to bring the information of the Blueprint to the blockage to allow for healing to happen on levels of trauma, emotion, and karma, among others. Other specific energetic points may be addressed in a session, for example, related to the chakra and guardian systems, the sacrum and vital life force energy, foreign energy affecting the personal field, etc.

The approach to astrology is from the perspective of transformation; that the soul is on a long evolutionary journey back to Source. The natal chart gives us valuable information on the challenges in the current life, and things we may engage in and face to continue this transformation of spirit. While we may use progressions and transits to discuss healing and progress, we do not treat astrology as a divinatory tool. However, it is a tool to help awaken the client to their reality, face blockages to their evolution, care for past traumas, and find valuable insights to uncover purpose and self-responsibility.

Individual sessions are also a way to specifically address personal creativity, as we work with the innate creative energy of the body. We can use the time to discuss concepts, execution, self-expression, and the ongoing interaction between our creativity and general well-being.



Regular Astrology or Energy Sessions are $100.  Packages are available, please inquire

If you seek to operate within a community and feel ready to prioritize this work, consider Fellowship, which offers discounted rates in exchange for commitment to this work.

Cost is not meant to be prohibitive; sliding scale is available. If you have specific skills or necessary goods, barter is an option. PayPal is preferred; check and cash are accepted as well. 




Sessions are generally 1.5 hours, with an initial consultation / intake during the first session.  Sessions after this initial one will vary between 60-90 minutes in length. 

Before scheduling, please note: due to our current commute between East Meredith and Brooklyn, IN PERSON SESSIONS must be booked on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All other availability stated that is not a Tuesday or Wednesday will be REMOTE WORK (via Skype or FaceTime). To book an appointment for in-person or remote (Skype) sessions, you can schedule here