1. Meeting or period devoted to a particular activity; 
  2. Act or state of sitting; 
  3. Assembly; where we do the work.


Sessions take many forms, and are never each the same. Generally, sessions are time taken --  as an individual or group -- to devote to something particular, entering a space for healing to occur. Below are descriptions of the ways in which to engage with practitioners for sessions, including modalities used at Succurro for addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

To schedule any type of session, you must contact a human! We do this the old-fashioned way of communicating to find the right time for all involved. See below for specific information!

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Understanding the tools used is important. You can read about our approach to health and the modalities practiced under APPROACH.

Likewise, the knowledge and background of the practitioner is important, as the larger energetic field calls on that wisdom as it needs. You can read about our practitioners under FACILITATORS


What we might commonly think of in a healing session is the 1:1 relationship between client and practitioner. However, we will differentiate in our perspective that no matter what is called upon to facilitate healing, we are operating in a triad relationship: client, practitioner, and the Blueprint for Health.  

All sessions are generally 1.5 hours and cost $150. Though the work we do is not generally accepted within the Western insurance model, we work on a sliding scale, as well as barter. Package options are available for those able to commit to longer term work. If you are in a position to include a donation with your sessions, it helps Succurro to provide lower cost sessions and programs -- thank you for considering!

Sessions can occur in the following ways to serve what is the priority at that time: 



We are all quite used to the client/practitioner relationship as being in-person. Which is great, and highly effective! However, remote work is just as valuable and allows far more flexibility. Regardless, each client will have consultation time, as well as fill out an intake form and occasional progress forms. 

In-person sessions can take place at Succurro, or on occasion in NYC throughout the year. Depending on the presenting circumstances and what arises intuitively during a session, clients may go through a combination of chatting first, laying on a massage table, or working through movement. Each session can look and feel very different. 

Remote sessions occur most often over Skype or Zoom, though some sessions can also be done without any communication. Energy work is brilliant this way, even if we don't fully understand it :)



Sessions can be for an individual, or for a group (meaning one or more.) Individual private sessions focus on the presenting issues, while revealing what may be at the root. We take responsibility for our health in that space, healing what is ready to be addressed, even when it may involve those not present. 

Likewise, a pair or group may choose to address healing within a matrix -- the energetic structure formed between two or more. Our world is made up of matrices within matrices, and never-ending complex web. However, we can address what is ready to be transformed within these relationships, with or without all parties present (though permission is needed!) 


Though we lightly address this regarding group sessions, Matrix Work is a specific program that an individual or group may want to embark on, often addressing our very tangible relationships -- businesses, marriage, family, etc.  

Matrix Work is done remotely, and together we will build a protocol that will be approximately 10 weeks long, meeting once per week. We use a combination of energetic modalities, as well as astrology, to address dynamics both known and unknown to the participant and provide practical steps for moving forward. Pricing will be based on what we determine during an initial consultation, but ranges between $500 - $1000. To schedule a consultation, please fill out the form below. 



Due to a complex schedule and balancing courses and farm-work, we book clients the old fashion way! We talk to each other, and find the best time.

Is this your first session, regardless of type? Please fill out the form below so you are in our session database and we know a bit of what you're seeking. If you have scheduled with any of our practitioners before, please simply email or the appropriate email you have been corresponding with.