This page is a collection of stories of health and potential, from the SourcePoint perspective: imaginings of a Humanity living in harmony with our home, within the cosmos. Though we are far more vast than the stories we live, these narratives and visions are important parts of our healing. By sharing with one another, may we offer inspiration and support, and allow ourselves -- and the work we each do -- to be witnessed and embodied. 

Want to tell your SourcePoint story? We'd love to share it with the community, to honor each other’s unique expressions of Source. We also hope to utilize these experiences to spread the word about SourcePoint and the myriad ways in which this information is utilized — as practitioners, teachers, artists, gardeners, parents, organizers...Fill out the form through the ‘Share’ link below and we'll get it up as soon as we can. These do not need to be in a narrative format — you can submit poems, images, sketches, video, recordings, whatever form it takes through you. If you ever want to edit, just email us at

For the moment, this collection will be kept below in a journal format and is meant for those who have studied SourcePoint Therapy. When submitting, you will agree to let this be used within the community. If at any point you want it taken down, just let us know!