“E’reything (Will Be Alright) Everything”   Christina Quarles

“E’reything (Will Be Alright) Everything” Christina Quarles

Dear reader,

I hope this page finds you well. Here is where I hope to organize some thoughts on grieving, ritual and hopefully even some ideas around feeling all the feelings (even the uncomfortable ones) while continuing to exist.  A compilation of thoughts around not just existing but becoming, even through the darkness.  

“I’ve been learning so much this year. Learning about the letting go. Allowing things to die with grace and joy. Throwing beautiful funerals for the things we don’t need. …Letting our grief and  broken parts be loved and learned and then buried back into the earth, reabsorbed to grow again as something new.” - Mara Hoffman

Here’s to those of us feeling lost on the journey of becoming that something new. Here’s to creating conversation around the things that are difficult to talk about yet universally true; so that others will not feel alone.  Here’s to learning how to walk with our grief and how to create space for ourselves. May you find peace.




Lamenation - Martha Graham

“The dance is performed almost entirely from a seated position, with the dancer encased in a tube of purple jersey. The diagonals and tensions formed by the dancer’s body struggling within the material create a moving sculpture, a portrait which presents the very essence of grief. The figure in this dance is neither human nor animal, neither male nor female: it is grief itself.” -Martha Graham Dance Company