sermoverhacertejerrespirarsolxsjuntxs is project that researches the relationship between CREATION (material / technique / process), STATES OF BEING (mental, spiritual, emotional), and MOVEMENT (external manifestation of the internal, or vice versa?).

This laboratory exists within an active practice of artisanal/textile arts creation combined with contemplative exercises and self-care (we observe ourselves and try to cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves, work, our environment). I use slow-craft techniques such as hammock weaving, bobbin and needle lace as movement/process prompts, with alternative (and ethical) materials. Sharing the live-process through open work sessions (to be see and accompanied, and sometimes also participatory), while I guide a mental-physical-spiritual state of intense work that combines ritual, meditation, repetitiveness, rest, and presence.

Some of the following questions frame my approach:

  • How does my body move while I am completely present with (for example) the spinning of a fiber with my hands?

  • How does my inner state produce external manifestations?

  • How does the space I occupy influences my internal state, and vice versa?

  • What effect does the technique/material I use or create in my emotional state, and how does it reflect in my body as it moves to work?

  • If I concentrate on [ie: being present with the sensations in my body, in the listening]; How does this influence the technique / material that I am working on/with ­­­and consecutively in the visual / material aspect of the piece created?

  • And, if I move freely / spontaneously, it will surely influence my mental / emotional (inner) state. Observing this, how will the 'visual’ aspect of my work be affected?

  • What happens in the creative process when you use each of these aspects as a starting point, and you explore/employ in different orders?

  • What are the traces, the marks, that remain when working from a certain state of being?

  • What is the relation between internal states of being and external manifestations?

  • What are the utilitarian movements of/for the work? What are the movements of self-care and body awareness made to sustain (or endure) the activity, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually? VS/And, which are the movements of spirit/soul and of expression? How do the three types of movement interact?

  • How can we not lose ourselves when we are together? How can we fully give ourselves AND hold ourselves at the same time?

  • What happens when we try to share the intimacy of a sacred space / practice? How to maintain our connection with ourselves when finding/meeting the other?