(pres. infinitive succurrere; third conjugation)

    1.     help, aid, relief
    2.     run to help, to run to               the aid of
    3.     run beneath, go under;              to undergo.

Succurro is a creative healing studio investigating our humanity, potential for health, and capacity for transformation. Through radical self-inquiry practices, ongoing research, and community collaborations, we investigate the our personal and collective systems and use the innate creative energy we possess to encourage genuine self-expression as a means for healing, connection, and dancing with the unknown. 


Succurro is currently run by us, Owyn Ruck and Damian McCann. After purchasing a 110 acre farm, we  split our time between East Meredith, NY and Brooklyn, NY to learn, teach and work with others. Starting in Summer 2018, this land we will host various opportunities for learning, or just a place to visit and be in touch with oneself.  In Brooklyn, as well as other places, we each each continue to teach and see clients. 

Owyn studied both psychology and studio art at Skidmore College, and then returned to Brooklyn and co-founded the Textile Arts Center in NYC in 2009, acting as Director until fall 2015. Struck by the significance of community and creativity in individual (and thus collective) health and transformation, she began to combine her own trans-personal and healing experiences with specific training in order to create opportunities for individuals and groups seeking to explore their potential. Owyn also leads textile-oriented classes in many places, is adjunct faculty at Parsons The New School, and currently serves on the board of the Textile Society of America. 

Damian discovered magic when he was 18. To battle chronic pain, vacillating depression, and distracting anxiety he embarked on an adventure gathering the tools that provide him and others the power to change. Since then he's studied over a dozen modalities, finally settling on a devotion to understanding energy medicine and bio-mechanics - how our minds work, how our bodies work, and how experiencing their use together awakens us to life. There is no such thing as the perfect device; it is the blending of these modalities that allow for individual evolution, whether through simplified everyday use or for specialized needs.

Feel free to reach out with any specific questions.