felōˌship (noun)

  1.    Friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests.

  2.   A group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.

  3.    A company of equals.

The SUCCURRO fellowship is an experimental program observing the dynamic relationships between creativity, connection, and transformation.

The program operates under the hypothesis that :: Radical self-inquiry is a means of taking responsibility for ourselves >> Taking responsibility for ourselves leads to deep healing and transformation >> Given space to transform (even in discomfort), our essential human capacity for creative expression, health, and connection can reach its highest potential. To realistically address the kind of support we need as individuals to transform ourselves and create new meaningful, sustainable ways of interacting with the world, takes radical change, courage, and work. When the individual consciousness shifts, those around us shift too.

Bringing together individuals thinking critically and willing to prioritize their own healing and self-responsibility, the program is a platform for exploration of the vast importance of our innate creative energy as a tool for healing, both ourselves and our communities + environment, and to provide support for what that means on many levels - day to day care of self and others; deep wound healing; unpacking systemic racism, misogyny, and bigotry; defining activism for ourselves; avoiding burnout. How does this internal work reflect externally? How does that feed back into humanity as a whole, in turn nourishing the individual? What discomforts do we need to face in order to consistently respond and act practically toward a world we want to exist?

By accepting Fellowship, members actively engage with themselves and each other: each Fellow receives (2) individual sessions and participates in group gatherings and workshops. Gatherings encourage critical dialogue and sharing of personal and collective findings. Additional group activities might include retreat days, guest seminars, workshops, meditation/movement, dinners, studio/gallery visits, and public education. Outcomes will be determined by the cohort because together we are best able to express the transformative effects of truly caring for ourselves, and being fully present with others, as we lovingly listen, critically discuss, and creatively act on what blocks us individually and collectively, and worktoward prioritizing our humanity on a transpersonal level.

*Fellows can take part as LOCAL (nyc) or REMOTE (skype) * 


Below are the various components of the program, followed by logistical information on location, application, and exchange for the work. 



There is no beginning or end to healing; membership as a Fellow is on-going. The success of the program lies in the commitment to prioritizing work on the self and how we each show up to the group, however we are. This inherently will be  challenging at times, and is part of an on-going journey to use discomfort, pain, joy, and connection as moments for transformation. If you are unsure of whether you are ready to dive in this way, please feel free to contact me.

Because it takes some time to fully engage, the initial commitment to being a Fellow is 6 months. This marks a commitment to depth with yourself, and to actively participating with others making the same commitment. After this initial period, Fellows can continue, or not, determining for themselves if maintaining engagement is a priority at that time. 



The core of the program is access to individual sessions, which will support other work you do for yourself daily. Fellows engage in (2) sessions per month. The more committed we are to the process, the more stable we remain in accepting life as ever-changing.

Sessions are based in SourcePoint Therapy and the use of astrology and the natal chart as a therapeutic tool. Other tools are a possibility that we will discuss as the program progresses. Fellows are encouraged to be open and honest about current experiences in mind, body, and spirit, however there is no pressure to share more information than the individual is willing. This is not talk-therapy, nor is it diagnostic or prognostic.

Please visit the SESSIONS page for more specific information on the approach.



Each  month, there will be (1) local gathering, and (1) remote gathering, bringing all Fellows together to meditate, share personal work and explorations, readings, and discuss topics of interest. As a cohort we will determine the topics, meeting dates, and creative documentation of the journey together.  

Additional gatherings will be encouraged and organized as the group desires: direct actions, public teaching or other community engagement, dinners, gallery/studio visits, movement classes, creative workshops -- whatever we determine as a priority to explore and share.

Remote group members are always welcome to join in local gatherings if/when they are in NYC, and local group members are encouraged to join remote gatherings whenever they can. 



In addition to gatherings, optional full-day and weekend long retreats, as well as shorter workshops, will be held in both Brooklyn and the Catskills. All Fellows are invited and encouraged to participate as they are able. Full-day and weekend long retreats will provide space to engage more intensively as a group. Shorter workshops will include guests sharing their knowledge to explore creatively together. 



Individual sessions and most local gatherings happen at the SUCCURRO studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Locations may vary, though, based on the topic or activity.  Fellows are welcome to host meetings or conversations at their home or studio, if space permits.



The Fellowship APPLICATION is rolling, so you may apply whenever ready. Upon on receipt, you will receive contact regarding orientation details, scheduling, and gathering dates. 



Below is an outline of exchange for participation. Payments can be made in full or by payment plan via Paypal, cash, or check. It is important that this be accessible to all - sliding scale / barter are available; please let me know if you need to discuss these options.

INITIAL COMMITMENT :  The initial commitment period is 6 months, at a rate of $150 per month (total $900),  which includes (2) individual sessions /mo, and at least (1) group gathering/mo. This rate is the same regardless of participation as a remote or local Fellow. 

CONTINUATION : After the initial commitment period,  Fellows are welcome to remain members. At this point, individual sessions are $65 each, regardless of how many are scheduled. In order to continue as a Fellow, commitment to at least one session per month, and one group gathering (either remote or local) is requested.  

RETREATS & WORKSHOPS : Throughout the year, optional full-day and weekend long retreats, as well as shorter workshops, will be held in both Brooklyn and the Catskills. All Fellows are invited and encouraged to participate as they are able. These will vary in cost, depending on materials and labor, but will be kept as affordable as possible. Some may be open to non-Fellows, as well, to both supplement cost and widen the circle of engagement.