are responsible for

  1. Tending to the land where Succurro exists; 
  2. Providing services for participants;
  3. Carrying out, supporting + envisioning programs.

In time, Succurro will be a collective, cooperative organization made up of many practitioners, facilitators, and co-creators. To start, there are a few people who tend to the land and local community, carry out programs, and provide services to participants. Lead Learners and Fellows are also integral parts of Succurro. 

We seek to share what we have with those interested in committing to a future of health for humanity. If you are interested in becoming a Facilitator for a period of time by aiding in programs, providing services, or tending to the land, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Owyn Ruck Bio.jpg

Owyn Ruck 

Owyn studied both psychology and studio art, and then returned to her hometown of Brooklyn and co-founded the Textile Arts Center in NYC in 2009, acting as Director until fall 2015. Struck by the significance of community and creativity in individual (and thus collective) health and healing, she began to combine her own trans-personal and transformative experiences with specific training in order to create opportunities for others seeking to explore their potential within the collective. Owyn practices SourcePoint Therapy alongside evolutionary astrology and self-inquiry methods; she is a weaver and occasionally leads textile-oriented workshops that focus on the therapeutic aspect of working with our hands.


Email: hello@succurro.co

Damian McCann Bio.jpg

Damian McCann

Damian discovered magic when he was 18. To battle chronic pain, vacillating depression, and distracting anxiety he embarked on an adventure gathering the tools that provide him and others the power to change. Since then he's studied over a dozen modalities, finally settling on a devotion to understanding energy medicine and bio-mechanics - how our minds work, how our bodies work, and how experiencing their use together awakens us to life. There is no such thing as the perfect device; it is the blending of these modalities that allow for evolution, whether through simplified everyday use or for specialized needs.


Email: damian@succurro.co


Anna Jacobs

Anna is Succurro's 2018 Summer Apprentice. She recently graduated from Smith College, where she majored in American Studies with a focus in design and making. Finding great meaning in the making process, Anna is interested in exploring the intersections of creative practice and self inquiry. She practices a variety of artistic mediums including photography, cooking, writing, and dance. In the past, Anna has worked in multiple capacities in museums, meditation retreat sites, and for various blogs. Anna is excited to be working at Succurro with people who are similarly interested in a life centered around self-inquiry, creativity, and healing. She’s eager learn from this community and support visitors to Succurro in their own healing processes. 



Interested in being a Facilitator? There are a few ways we hope you might engage and spend time here. For those with a healing/healthcare practice in place, we would love to have you here for a period of time so that you may offer services and be a part of carrying out the Succurro mission. For those seeking to investigate their interest in becoming a practitioner, we offer an 'apprenticeship' model.

These are both new offerings, so we are working out details as things unfold. If you are open to helping that process, please fill out the form below with your interest, and we will be in touch -- we would have an interview, as well as invite you to the space if you're able to visit in person first.